Has anyone worked with her?
~I found just some tiny pieces of lore on the web, repeated everywhere…

But that lyrics of the song below for example… to say the least, its pretty close to lilith IMO.

And i love that song…its an invokation basicly.


I wouldn’t want to work with her. And I don’t know about her abilities. All I know is the Heracles saved Andromeda when her mother pissed off Aphrodite from being eaten by some sea monster. Heracles used medusa to freeze the monster and saved Andromeda.

And Athena doesn’t like her because (not sure about this) Medusa got raped by someone in her Temple

Poseidon Hates her too.

She was raped in the temple of Athena by Poseidon


Oh yeah I remember now. Thx 4 the clarification…

I have and her sisters, they are the children of Ceto/Lamia. There speciality is Guardianship & Protection as orginally before the Athena story they were born beneath mount olympus which was also a direct gate way to the underworld and god/titanplane. So there original purpose was to guard both entrances from mortals and others who were not invited to either. Originally Medusa was immortal like her sisters, but they changed her into a mortal priestess of Athena later on in time.


In Jason Miller’s Protection and Reversal Magick, there is a talisman called The Wheel of Hekate where the Gorgons are call upon for protection.


I have met her. I was expecting her to be nasty or dangerous because of the lure about her. I found her to be very sweet, sad and lonely. May have been a bad day for her though. They have them too!! hehehe! I would say she is VERY protective and also has the ability to be very destructive. She can probably teach magick and stuff like that as well… I have to try to evoke her now and see. Maybe I will try it tonight and see what I come up with.


Wear mirrored sunglasses when you evoke her… because why would you evoke something that can ‘turn you to stone with a gaze’ without protection…


That may not be literal. Think of Lucifer. Was he not said to “lead men to their sins” etc?


Pretty sure The Papacy see us as sinners lead astray by Lucifer.

To sin is to not abide by Christian authority.


Better safe than sorry though amirite?

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