Meditative Trance or Physical acting out during Meditative State?

Hello all

I’m not posting regularly any more but I have a question regarding meditation states that I can’t find a clear answer to anywhere else - either here or on the internet.

I am doing a guided meditation which raises deep emotions and I have found myself being aware that my body reacts to the visualised individual’s behaviour towards me. I’m aware that for most meditative states you would not physically move but your visualised body would move but for some reason either I am not deeply in the meditative state or my wiring is wrong.

I know that this is happening as I’ve managed to smack my hand on something in my surroundings and I’ve had a strange awareness of going from the visualisation state back to relaxation and out again.

I’m wondering if I’m not reaching the depth of subconscious deeply enough?

If anyone can shed some light on this and how I might best improve this quickly as I’d prefer an alternative to the 20 minute pre-amble multiple parts of the body relaxing fluffy feathers every time I want to do a meditation session. I’d like to hit the state quickly and be able to come out quickly as well.

Thanks in anticipation of a response.


Think I’ve discovered it’s to do with trance and connecting into the moment with the other’s higher self - so more emotion, more action, more power, more intention.

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Is this automatically a bad thing?

Could it not be grounding the visualisation IN the body?

Some shamans act out their journeys in dance, hence the original thin line between mummer and shaman… rituals became human re-enactments of things performed on archetypes in the spirit world.