Meditations and Rituals around the afternoon

What’s your take on this? Normally people do them at night or in the morning. But how do you feel about doing them when one gets home from class or work?

How do you set and get in the mood?

Whatever is convenient does the trick. I think that morning meditations feel a little more “wholesome” because the day just started and wasn’t influenced by getting yelled at by a customer or having olfactory near death experiences while commuting to work, etc. The day is fresh and full of potential and it eases the mind a little more.

If I decide to do spiritual practice after my day is done I will settle the mood with a hot beverage of my choice (its usually tea but sometimes I feel adventurous and go for a hot chocolate or something like that) because in my world a hot drink equals being not available to the outside world. If my day was in some kind of way “heavy” I will cleanse myself (either by taking a literal shower or sprinkling my hands, my feet and my scalp with a self made cleansing water. I am having a bottle of that inside of my car for my business trips :slight_smile: ) and change my clothes, pulling the day “off my skin”. I am also wearing a piece of jewelry that is strictly reserved for magical practice, to officially cut off the experiences of my workday from my meditation.


I do meditations throughout the entire day.

I will generally wait for an hour or so after getting home. This gives me time to decompress, and take my mind off of the day. Then I will relax further, usually through some breathwork, before doing whatever meditation or ritual I have planned.


I work most of magic/rituals midday most of the time, because that’s when I usually have time alone.

It doesn’t keep me from getting results even if using planetary hours or moon cycles or any of that would boost the results I get.

I don’t worry about timing too hard because even if it’s a major working, I will get clear indications I should wait till later to do the operation.

I’ve often found when I get the good to go indication, that my work has accidentally fallen on the time of day/night moon phase that would best boost my work- so I just trust my instincts and operate in the manner that feels right to myself.

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