So, if i want to sense my deamon or demon / spirits in general do i meditate.

Or is it just for sigils?

cause i want to see this demon that has been following me but i have no idea who he is(aka his name) which causes me to not be able to get a sigil for him. There is some exercises right ?

Meditation is at the root of anything magical/spiritual. You are training your concentration and awareness and opening up to yourself. You will have great power and awareness if you master meditation.

This demon following you may not be a major player. May not even be a demon. But trust your intuition and maybe people on here with a better developed intuition can tell you who this spirit is and their intentions. You can try to make contact yourself, just obviously be careful and take precautions, I don’t know your skill level/experience.

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well this "spirit’ seems kind…i am not sure is it the same “spirit” since i am born but i sort of see him like(idk i just do for some reason) as a brother/father-ish(cause of his comfort) and a friend (mixed ).

Well it would be great if someone could help me find out who this “spirit” is. haha my skills ain’t that great tbh. I could see spirits when i was young but the older i got the less i can see them and i am still kind of able to talk to this “spirit” that has been with me (i think)


Me being overly cautious I would say just make sure it’s not an imposter spirit. But you will have to deduce things for yourself, pay attention to what it asks/wants from you. It sounds like a benevolent helper. My advice is, if the LHP is the path you’ve chosen: do regular meditating, and find out which demonic ruler you are drawn to, evoke them and start working with them. Make sure you cleanse yourself energetically. And do introspection work, perhaps with chakras, to make sure personal blockages aren’t hindering your progress and to better your own life. And make sure you are protected, work with beings that will help and protect you.