Meditation with your pet

So I was wondering if I were to meditate with my kitten would it give us a stronger bond ? Have any of you ever done rituals or meditation with your animals?


My cat is a familiar so every time I do anything magickal she will suddenly appear by my side looking up at me and very attentive. She does help my spells and rituals. She lays touching me when I meditate and I have seen her start staring at candles I have done for magickal purposes. Just quietly laying there staring intently at one for a while then move onto the next and do the same. Other candles I have lit get no such attention. I had just thought witches had a cat and called it their familiar but it was just their kitty. I see the difference now that I have one., between a pet cat and a familiar. If you want to meditate with your cat it can not hurt. But if it is not a familiar he or she may not be interested in staying with you while you do your thing.

You can try different experiments and see if you can astrally or mentally connect with your feline friend and see what effects this may have. I would be interested in hearing the results of your interactions on this level with your furry family member! Good luck.


Yes I actually was wondering because like last week I was meditating and she just layed right in my lap and started purring as she was just curled up in a little ball. I was wondering if she’s my familiar because I’ve always wanted a cat but could never have one because I had dogs, and then I found this kitten in a bush and just couldn’t let her go. A she’s very attached to me and a cuddle bug. Another question (it may sound dumb) does color of your cat determine if it’s a familiar ?


She probably is your familiar. They have the habitof coming to you like that. And there is a click when you meet. There is just somethingthat draws you in. Like a special connection or something. The color does not dictate whether she can be a familiar. They do have a video that says the different colors have their own infkuence on their abilities and what they do for your house. i apologize for not being able to remember them off hand.


Thank you :smile_cat::+1:

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