Meditation vision interpretations?

Hello everyone, I havent meditated in a long time and I decided to do a 30 minute meditation tonight and this is what I experienced.
First I started crying and my body started to get warm and sweat(usually happens often when I meditate, crying has happened twice), then I started hearing voices in my head who were replying to my thoughts, telling me good things about myself and what not, but then came the strangest part. I was suddenly seeing Earth from space and while I was gazig at it, a gigantic white wolf came out of nowhere and ate me and then somehow we became as one, which was absolutely strange, after that I had visions of what seemed like stars and then a vortex which appeared to be the one on Jupiter, but I dont know how the planet is connected with the white wolf and me. At the end with my closed eyes I saw this white light which I felt cover, like an aura of sorts, but the light also was talking with me too, it had a soothing female voice and it rotated around my head.
And yes, if anyone has time to spare can you give me perhaps some insight into what I experienced? Perhaps some sort of spiritual awakening? Or maybe the White Wolf is my newly found spirit guide who is trying to tell me something?


You need to start being willing to take without invitation or payment, assert yourself and exploit things that come your way.

(I did a Sortes Homericae reading for you just now, and got that result.)

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Sounds like you had a good first welcome back meditation session :sweat_smile: sounds like you made contact though!


@Marik Absolutely, it was quite the experience! :grin:

@Lady_Eva Thank you for this! I have googled what ‘‘Sortes Homericae’’ means and it really sounds interesting! Also you are right with what you said, with the asserting of myself, exploting things and willing to take without invitation or payment. I will have to meditate further in order to get a more clear look on those things and how they come to me in the future, but I will sure be more observant for them in the coming weeks!