Meditation upon Archangel Michael, please share your thoughts

So I was meditating upon Archangel Michael, chanting his name like a mantra, all the while trying to visualise a white light enveloping me, while I was doing so, I felt happy abnd at peace

was it placebo, or did I make contact?

please share your thoughts

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If you calm down your negative thoughts (as I suspect you were having) the “nothingness” in your mind will make you feel at peace.

That doesn’t mean it is a placebo, is just something you don’t like, stopping. I would suggest you to use one of the more traditional methods.

If I remember right, some of the more traditional summoning methods were not working for you some time ago, yes, but maybe it is time to give it another shot.


hmmm yes, maybe i will try evocation again, i just really think i made contact, placebo or not, lol

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Wait, I thought you said that Michael showed you what kind of angel you were and all that, I thought you have experience with him. How can you not know if you made contact? I’m genuinely confused now.


he did, in an evocation when i asked about my past lives

because after the abuse i went through at the hands of parasites, my senses have all been messed up, its like starting from ground zero

I understand that, but you can’t remember what it felt like when you made contact the last time?

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There is a pathworking for Michael in Jareth Tempest’s book Archangel Pathworkings: Raziel’s Paths of Power Volume 2.

Pathworking essentially involves imagining elemental and archetypal images that connect you to the being in question. It could help if you’re not sure of your senses as it uses the imagination as a bridge.


its difficult, last time i made contact through prayer, me and Michael merged together and we worked hard, this time its harder

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thanks a lot DK! I’ll check it out

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