Meditation To Unlock All Magickal Powers by Enki

Last few days I’ve been waking up from dreams having very clear conversations with spirits. It’s become so vivid and clear, it’s as though I can hear them like normal people, I’ve had Enki teach me a few things, but could only remember one

And it’s a meditation to unlock all magickal powers, obviously this is more like a spiritual work out. Before magickal acts can take place, you need to have that energy flowing through, exercises can help develop your magickal talents, which you may still use after these meditations, but without the energy within its quite useless to try, and most will give up.

So he told me “ Meditate as though all of your Magickal Powers are activated “

This puts you into a vibrational state, where those DNA sequences can activate due to your thought-emotion/electromagnetic energy. Those wave form pulses that are carrying your state of being will begin activating those DNA strands that will get you to embody that feeling and knowing of unlocking all of your magickal and psychic powers-yes this applies to psychic senses as well.

Most of the time we get stuck in linear time, always chasing results, putting unnecessary stress into our efforts, these meditations directly pull in that reality from the quantum field and you basically jump into another universe where all of those powers are already active.

I will post my experiences on this later🧙🏽‍♂️