Meditation techniques we like:


Hey brothers and sisters
I was wondering what particular ways of reaching the ‘alpha state’ or state of gnosis or whatever you want to call it you like to use in order to perform a magickal working?
Eric may have a preferred way of doing this but if he does I dont know what it is yet, but I have to say I havent been able to access any of his books yet. So what do you use? Do you like breath meditation, or imagery and visualisation, sitting or lying in the ‘death pose’, creating an astral temple or messing with entheogens?
The question comes up for me as I have tried quite a few but never stuck with any really. And as I am about to embark on a new chapter here with your good selves I will need to use something that works!


Yes, Neophyte, Eric does inteed offer what he considers most efficient in his book the forum is named for; and it is an easy effective method. And, having read BALG myself, I definitely recommend it as your first of his books, because it covers alot of different aspects with enough solid info to get you started. More selective or in-depth topics will naturally rise to your surface and you’ll know what you need next.

For Myself, I’m all about efficient (translate easy AND effective). I don’t have the will to or the patience for long drawn-out processes. A simple “Focus & Breathe” meditation, done daily, (NO excuses for skipping it!), is more than sufficient for me to maintain the positive, uplifted state of mind that is the Foundation for all My Workings. If I’m in that state, all goes extremely well for me. Play around with this for several days & see what happens …

Focus intently but without strain on whatever pleases you - a flame, a piece of music, the rhythm of your breath as steadily as you can for about 15 minutes every day. No distractions, of course. Z


The foundation of my meditative practice is TM /transcendental meditation. You get a mantra and repeat it mentally. It automatically takes you into a meditative state. That’s my favourite one because that’s what I started with years ago, without being involved in magick. Maybe, if I had started with the intent of using the trance for a magickal purpose, I would have learned other ways to induce it first. But as it works, I stick to it. Here are some links if you’re interested:
A scientific introduction to Transcendental Meditation ™ by Dr John Hagelin
Another way to induce the gnostic trance state neede for magick is sound. You listen and your brain automatically will resonate with the beats. Ideally that would be 4.5 hz. When you manage to stay in this state for some time the gnostic trance state or (gamma/theta-sync as EA calls it) occurs. For this method I’d recommend Hemi-Sync Focus 10 or binaural beats.


Hey Zoe.
thanks for replying, I’m with you on easy but effective…Im a little confused about Erics position in the BALG document I have to say. In the evocation section he says “Bring your attention to your breath, letting its rhythm guide
you down through rings of reality, into the the theta gamma harmony, which is often called gnostic trance.” And thats it…Short but sweet. In the soul travel section he advises “opening and activating the chakras” but doesnt describe how to do this. Now I have used chakra opening techniques before as it happens but i guess some havent and in any case I dont know if he thinks we should use any method we like or has one of his own he will reveal in later teachings…So for now I will just stick with basic focus meditation as u suggest.
Red Ice thanks for the links for the sound meditations I will look into that as well!


You’re very welcome Neophyte. Actually EA describes a technique for opening and activating chakras in “Questing after Visions”, but there’s a similar technique on the BALG website that instructs you how to do that:


Back to You, Neophyte -

Actually, Eric’s instruction to “…let the rhythm of your breathing guide you down…” is pretty much what I’ve been doing for years. It really is as simplistic as that. I take a few deep ‘cleansing’ breaths, just to kinda shake the surface stuff off, then I settle into my relaxed, ordinary breathing rhythm and focus my whole attention on breathing & the nuances of breathing: in-out, expand-expel, cool-warm, etc. You get the idea.

Notice I said whole attention; this does NOT imply any sort of strain or ‘trying’, but rather the relaxed involvement you slip into when you’re fascinated with - or curious about a thing … your whole attention is then willing & effortless. Forget you are 'serious’about this; be playful with it. It’ll surprise you!

As to Eric’s meaning behind “opening your chakras” … my sense of him as a Leader tells me to look at the Point - the Goal - and so, I follow what is already working for me. If I had no standing practice that was actually WORKING for me, I would begin by working with his. He seems more interested in you succeeding than anything else - the Hallmark of a True Avatar!


I do a lot of breath work for my meditations, but I also use music. I’m a musician, as well as an author, and I need something creative for me to focus on in almost all aspects of my life. Spirituality is no exception. I generally choose music that has no lyrics, and has a slow, natural feeling rhythm to it, although it changes depending on what I’m trying to achieve. I like simple drumbeats. This combined with a focus on the breath, allows me to fall into trance quite quickly and easily.


Hi Neophyte,

I think BALG is only a starter, and all the sections of the book will be analysed in-depth in their specific programs.

Regarding the Chakra activation I think he refers to the excercise that it is within Questing After Visions, but in the website you have a simplified version of it, as correctly stated RedIce.

Besides, I want to share with you a technique to reach Theta state in 1 or 2 minutes as much, and It works for me very well normally.

The technique itself is from a book named The Book of Ki, by Koichi Tohei, he was an Aikido Sensei and one of the direct disciples of Morihei Ueshiba, creator of Aikido.

The Technique is very simple, it could be more complicated but I will show this as it works for me.

Before you sit to meditate upon your chair or the floor, shake your hands forcefully, while you focus your attention in a point over your head, you have also to feel like if the toes of your feet are also shaking, but if you don’t feel it don’t force it.

Then sit, you’ll feel in a relaxed state, as if you were beneath the water and you resurfaced and sensed the relief of the air filling your lungs.

In that moment, simply breath, don’t put attention if your nervous or the to the thoughts you may have. But simply breath, and while you inhale sense all your body, with its tensions or lack of this, and then while exhaling, allow yourself to loose your body, as if it suddenly became more heavy, surrender before yourself, sensing it more a more heavy with each exhalation.

You will feel that your tension is going to leave you the more you surrender, the more is your weigh.

In this moment you will be in Theta, or nearing.

The exercise also indicates to expand your “aura” that’s your Ki, infinitely from the point that is you.

Simply sense how your aura or your sense of being expands without restraint or stoppage from the point of you that have become the center of Universe.

Doing this will end up with you entering in a definitive trance, but this step it’s not necessary to achieve the desired Theta-State.

Let’s hope this may help you.


Many thanks Izual. A long time ago I practiced Aikido though only for less than a year, but now as I have said on another post I have practiced Chinese internal arts for some years so I feel comfortable using their techniques to raise energy levels.

I will definately try this out, it sounds eminantly practical and effective.


Years ago I found a res med machine. It is used with headphones and directs your breathing in and out with two different tones that work with the expansion and reduction of your chest with a sensor. Over a 15 min. period it will take your breathing from 6.5 per min. down to 4.5 per min. or to 4.1. With a minimum of practice one can do this without a machine to produce great results. It will drop your blood pressure for those with high blood pressure readings which I have verified myself. This will bring you into the theta stage and you can focus while watching your breathing go in and out at the same time. You can do this with eyes open or closed. One doing this while just sitting and breathing in this fashion twice a day will work wonders on stress.

Also some other post here says something about using sounds to bring one into a trance like state. Just make sure headphones are not required as you do not want the spirit manifesting and yelling to you while your eyes are closed to “shut that damn thing off…you cannot hear me”.