Meditation silliness?

When I get too relaxed I begin to think silly… For example I just had a thought that I could resurrect dead people with a Yu-Gi-Oh card called Monster Reborn. All happened during meditation. What is the meaning of this?


Oh, I remember that I randomly thought “Shit, I gotta remove the tractor from the driveway!!” during a meditation.
I neither have a tractor nor a driveway shrugs


:laughing: You are possessed by either a surrealist or a farmer!

Just your mind, absent an agenda of things to think about, randomly firing off ideas. :+1:


So like that, but slow-mo story time. LOTS OF TIME.
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I guess I was not in the theta gamma sync then?..


:woman_shrugging:t2: the stuff my mind comes up with when i try to meditate is a flat nonsense! I was meditating once and my thoughts got out of hand that a spirit spoke to me saying “what do you mean?”! :sweat_smile: when i heard that i couldn’t even remember what was i thinking about!


Lmao, my guides when I get Memes in my readings.

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Not necessarily, you hell as sure could’ve been. Nothing crazy mystical has to happen while in theta-gamma sync for you to be in it. I actually had many racing thoughts while in an IBE (Inner body experience) some of them were more useful than others, some of them I had to decode.

Yu-Gi-Oh has plenty of abstract concepts and occult imagery. I mean it’s not so crazy that u saw this card right? It’s a spell card, ur a magician. Is there someone dead you want to talk to?
Try visualizing the card in your head and summoning the first person you think of.

Also, the lost art for the card is an Ankh so that’s dope

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I’ve found the more open you are to messages the easier it is. In readings with others I often times get memes or even video game and fictional characters in the reading. I used to doubt myself, but once I gave a reading to Micah (a person I respect and admire) I learned to incorporate dream images and weirdness into my work.
When I read him i kept getting Sharingan eyes and some other weird anime stuff. But, when I told him about the reading he said it was accurate and that he acquired them during work with Sasuke in the astral.

In meditation and trance, in general, your mind sinks to different brain patterns/syncs also known as brain waves.
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Most meditation is around alpha and deep meditation is theta.


Mmm makes sense. I like your way of thinking. Tell me something, do you know anything about binaural beats? I bring this up, because I heard from E.A that it was rudimentary, and it wasn’t effective to get you into thera gamma sync. What are your thoughts?

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They are effective in lowering your brainwaves! But then you will have to depend on them to trance! It’s a struggle to focus on the voices in your head! It makes you anxious and nervous!
It is a tool but don’t depend on it too much! Normal calm music is more relaxing!

Everyone works with different mediums, all magick is like this. People connect with a way of practicing in order to achieve similar results each has their benefits and downsides but this is for the practioner to decide rather than have someone establish it for them.

There definitely is a difference with binaural same without, if they didnt work people for trance why would all the binaural artist pitch to them?

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I think actually your mind was telling you something in a symbolic level as it happens in dreams
the tractor represents that you have resources but you might be too naive, you might go chasing the thing you see without hesitation, and the driveway is indicating you the end of the road,
so I think what happened in your meditation was that your mind tried to tell you to remove that attitude of chasing things at first sight (and stop been naive) to get to a proper end or something like that.
maybe it has to do with your meditation, maybe you were trying to chase something specific on a rush and you didn’t need the rush to get to your end.

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Compare the rules of the game to the rules you have in your life, are they related?
Have you worked on necromancy
maybe you are curious about it, and so your mind is portraying that curiosity in the shape of the yu gi oh card


Oh if I could only count all the silly thoughts and questions I have asked while in deep trance… Once I asked how my energy looks like (I don’t know…I didn’t even cared how my energy looks like tbh) and the answer was “Chunin” or “Tsunin”… Later I searched for it and found some Naruto connection (I never watched Naruto…) :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


Or this, yeah…

I love naruto it has occult concepts and ideas too though.

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I never watched it, not even one episode :smiley: I was more a Bleach type :smiley: Maybe my Guides want me to watch Naruto :smiley:

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I definitely think there could’ve been to it but im sure it worked out for him.

I highly recommend, even if you dont get your occult or philosophy dick stroked enough (which I highly doubt) you will surely be appealed by it’s great storytelling ability. DO NOT watch the Filler!

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Naruto is inner child awesomeness. Naruto Shippuden is really all about taking on the mantle and the struggle with past nostalgia and beliefs. The fight scenes are so fucking dope tbh, some of the Naruto fights are based off of some of Bruce Lee’s.