Meditation Question

Hey its Experanza again! Since last i posted i have been meditating regularly (void meditation mostly) and was wondering if it was normal to see eyes and faces, i think its the same face because of some details but im not entirely sure. From what i keep seeing it is a silhouette of a small monkey but with the face wrinkles around the nose of a gorilla, but the eyes have more of a lion look with like a bright intensity. Also at first it was really far now its as if our noses are just about to touch.

What we see During meditation is very individual and it’s about exploring and allowing ourselves to except all we see, hear, smell and feel.

Keeping a journal may help you to reflect on your experiences.

Also during your next mediation you can always ask The question “who are you?“…meditating in my opinion is about progression each time is slightly different form before as your techniques improve.


Thanks i didn’t even think of that!

This is normal from my experience. I see eyes and faces all the time, usually lizard or bird-like.

I have asked these occasionally who they are. Sometimes they look surprised that I see them back. They never answer. I’ve come to ignore them as just curious astral passers-by. Since I improved the wards at home, I don’t see these in my personal temple any more, only outside.