Meditation Practice Turns Into Very Interesting Shamanic Journey

I went into a pretty deep trance state through meditation earlier and tried to create an anchor mantra and mudra for the state.

While in that state, I played some Tibetan singing bowl tones in the background and tried to open my clairaudience to hear.

While doing this, and focusing on trying to hear actual voices, I had a very interesting experience.

I never heard an actual voice, but a spirit that made contact with me while I was originally working my way through the first four Flames of the OAA came to me and spoke with me telepathically.

I’ve actually experienced this spirit as a flame that talked with multiple voices all at the same time … men’s voices, women’s voices, children’s voices. When I’ve heard this, it’s like the voices are slightly out of sync with each other so you get a weird chorus effect.

I’ve heard this voice telepathically, but I’ve also heard this voice with my ears once. It called out to me while I was asleep and asked if I was there. It scared the shit out of me back then and I shut down my clairaudience. That was about a year before I came to BALG.

While I was working through the Fourth Flame of the OAA, I had several discussions with this spirit. I called it the “Source of All Things” because that was the only way to describe it. I haven’t spoke with it in a long while, but today it contacted me.

While speaking with it, it suggested I put on the waterfall noises in the background and go lay down. It took a lot of effort for me to put on the waterfall track, get up, and walk to my bed. I was in a very deep trance state and I managed to do this without killing myself or coming out of the trance state.

While I lay on my bed, I used my shamanic journey techniques to go to my astral “cave” and created a new space so I could go very deep and speak with this spirit.

As I spoke to this spirit, it revealed itself as a mask for the Abyss, the Womb of All Creation. This would correspond fairly closely to Abzu, the Sumerian mask for the Abyss.

I asked if this mask was also Ahriman and he told me no, Ahriman is a different mask with different qualities. This mask was much gentler and less adversarial than Ahriman. But there is no doubt in my mind they are both different aspects of one whole.

I asked how this mask related to Tiamat, the Mother of All Creation, in Sumerian mythology. He said that the Abyss and Tiamat were different aspects of one whole and then he manifested Tiamat next to him, first as a tiny dragon that made me laugh.

And then he showed me the dragon growing to the size of all of creation and us shrinking to a tiny dot and then the dragon shrank back to an equal to us and transformed into a woman wearing Egyptian clothing. He asked me what did the size really matter when none of us are truly these forms.

When I asked them to help me understand how they are one whole, they showed me an egg floating in the Abyss. The egg is Tiamat, the Whole of Creation. The space around the egg is the Abyss, the Womb of Creation.

The egg cannot exist without the space around it. They are not two separate things, but one whole working together, each serving a purpose.

I came to understand intuitively that these are not separate spirits, but different aspects of one whole consciousness that separates into specific masks so that we can understand and work with the different aspects of the whole.

I got a lot of personal guidance on how to reach my personal goals, what resources I need to focus on, and what types of power to increase.

Toward the end, I asked a few more questions about names and masks.

They suggested I create a name for my personal aspect of the Abyss and my personal aspect of the Mother of All Creation rather than calling them the names other cultures have called them.

So I allowed two names to flow up through my intuition until the names felt right. These are my personal secret names for these masks, or aspects.

They explained that creating these personal secret names allows me to access these energies directly without the minds of other humans affecting them in any way.

A couple of other interesting things happened.

At one point, I noticed a tremendous amount of energy building up within my abdomen. It really became quite uncomfortable and I felt like I was short of breath although I was taking in a lot of air and breathing very deeply.

I asked Him and he told me to bring my awareness here, then he reached over and tapped me on the forehead. I could feel it in my physical body when he did and I brought my awareness there.

A while later, I could feel a lot of energy building up there, so he reached over again and tapped me on the crown of my head and I felt it open up as the energy flowed out.

When I knew it was time to return, I asked the Mother about the fearsome nature of Tiamat and how it’s often seen as a frightening force by many that work with it. She just gently smiled and said “Yes, I can be fierce. Like any Mother.”

I can’t put a lot of this into words, but I can try.

Life is a dance between states, a dance of energies. It is not gentle or harsh. It is not peace or war. It is not love or hate. It is the movement between these energies, these states. Life is the Dance. And it just is.

We create a lot of problems for ourselves when we try to limit it and say “It is This Thing.” No, it is all Things and the Flow Between Them.

Magick is taking an active part in the Dance, rather than being a leaf blown on the wind.

When I checked the time, I spent nearly two hours in this deep trance state.

I never heard a voice with my ears.

And yet, I heard exactly what I needed to hear.
In my mind.
In my heart.
In my soul.



I know you’re way beyond needing to have monkeys like me tap out applause on our keyboards, but fuck, maaaannn… you’re into some cool stuff here. :sunglasses:


I always appreciate the love, Eva. :heart:


Great post!


Thanks, mate. I always appreciate your insight, Adam.


I appreciate the support from all of you. You truly are my Brothers and Sisters of the Spirit and Flesh. And I love you all. Even when we don’t agree and squabble like real brothers and sisters. :smile:


Absu is Absu-lutely worth connecting to.