Meditation is a good addiction

If you meditate for so long, meditation becomes very addictive. But the good kind. Coz, hey, without meditating destruction is inevitable.
It gives a certain state of HIGH which feels drug like yet VERY NATURAL. And it’s highness doesn’t have side effects (like hangovers or headaches)…
But one thing inconsistency in meditating is very dangerous. Bad things happen when one is not consistent.


You are right. I meditate more than once a day and when it happens to skip I become nervous and depressed.When I work continuously, I feel fresh and high.


Yup you are right, meditation and visualisation is the most powerful tool on this earth.
I can’t remember a day without doing meditation went to bed.
We can do wonders like thunders by using meditation.

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What could happen when one is inconsistent with meditation? I mean what could go wrong? :thinking:

Inconstitency in meditating can cause many things starting from Feeling depressed, Low moods, Lack of motivation, Bad luck, I once had an accident, Getting sick from flue and alike. And for the very advanced abstaining from meditating can lead to death. No tripping, serious stuff