Meditation help

For how long should I meditate everyday and which educations should I try?

Voiding,aura cleansing and so long?

Any type of meditation is beneficial. I would suggest you work one method at a time, though. Meditation takes work, and if you attempt working more than one type, you’ll never master any of them. To start, I’d recommend about 10 minutes a day, ideally everyday. As you get better and more comfortable, extend it to 20 or 30 minutes. There are so many methods of so called Void Meditation, that if one method isn’t working, try another. Give any method a week to 10 days to see if it will work for you. I simply close my eyes, relax, and start shutting down my thoughts. When the mists (usually aqua marine or red in color), orbs, flashes of light, etc., appear, I simply observe them and let them come and go as they please. Some books and such about meditation will tell you to ignore and disregard these visual phenomena, but I feel where meditation for magick is concerned, you should pay attention to them. I believe they are a sign your inner vision is developing. Bear in mind, most instructions are for “uniting with source”, not for developing inner senses, but they work all the same. Repetition is key. Ten minutes everyday is better than one hour once a week.

If you have a hard time focusing, listen to guided meditations, binaural beats, or mantras.

Honestly, the easy way to start is with Zen breathing. Focus on your breath, let everything else fall away. Inhale on the slow count of One, exhale on the same counts of Two and Three. Repeat ad infinitum. This is a form of void meditation, but not really, as it does indeed have a focus. When you start to be able to breathe like this without counting, then you can turn to your senses and choose to either focus on one at a time, or shut them off.

If you’re having focus issues, go back to counting your breath, in One, out Two Three. Focusing on nothing is notoriously difficult for the human mind, but focusing on only one thing is easy