Meditation help for everyone

close your eyes

and HOLD your thoughts like serpents at bay, not to escape your skull.

it is very similar to the PLANK exercise, in which you endure a position held with your core muscles.

after some time, your body gets tired, and you release

holding your thought not to escape, is, in fact like holding ejaculation of your mind

in seconds, your blank black screen in front of your eyes can take a full 360 degrees (in actuality, infinite degrees) of a sphere of space around you

if you have problems with this, like every other humanimal does, simply tear your lingering slime of thought energy which has constipated your head and body.
do it firmly, or gently, or forcefully with your hands. use your hands. this is reality, not a game of imagining with a passive physical attitude.

tear that slime around you, break yourself free. sometimes i do this for some minutes, then i start shaking like being electrocuted… and this shaking serves to loosen and break all the slimy lingering energy crust around your bodies.

the more you practice, the more you practice.

one must have energy to do the practice, and with practice you get more energy to practice, so you practice more. and after a while, you get that the “practice” isn’t actually practice…

When i want to hold and lock a thought in my mind (visualization of my self holding the object of my desire)i put something in motion around me or the object,(maybe a circuit of gold light).
This way i keep the picture in my head, and the mind is distracted by the motion of the light and turns it’s attention to the movement.
It’s not THE WAY TO GO but it helps to present the image you want in the subconscious.