Meditation from My Upcoming Free Book of Baal - Meditation of Blankness

Meditation Of Blankness

This meditation is for the one that truly has what it takes to become limitless and a living god,with the gnosis above you can operate and start to live without limits,Now your life is an outside emanation of your energy,and this changes everything but with the example above of “You can become more charismatic…”

To be a living god is to become the storm,you become everything.
Stand and feel your being,radiating inside of you
Do not feel it whole,i mean feel what it is but that’s not the whole
Feel and see all that blackness,nothingness and emptiness all around you
Feel how small you are in this ocean of nothingness,you are a fish in the ocean swimming on its own nothingness.
This is your nature in nothing,you can be small beings there,but only a living god will be it,You are a living god.
Breath in these forces of nothingness and just feel yourself dying out,like you are only a singular light in this blankness and you go out
You are nothing,you are dead here.
There in silence and blackness,say your name,not your baptised name but your god name,there in the void I call myself,and i evoke my void,
With the knowledge of god that you are and could become a deep breath and embody this black void.
You may feel that you yet come into being,you are formless now.
Call yourself by your god name again,or feel the omnipotence of this darkness.
Breath and bring the nothingness within,lose everything,your sacred things are no longer here,your past self is no longer here,your mind is no longer here,fall into this bottomless pit.
You are nothing.
Be your being,be the silent god in the place of non being,this will not feel like anything other before as you will feel completely like an outsider to all of existence,you will feel like two eyes glowing red in the shadows,through that I become the lord of darkness in flesh,And you can be too.

Xag Darklight.


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