Meditation for letting go of all emotional burdens

This is a little meditation I made to get rid of negative emotional baggage we carry in our energy bodies which effects our reality greatly.

  1. Close your eyes and imagine yourself with a black outline and aura , think of all the negative emotions and beliefs you are currently holding onto that are giving you pain
  2. Imagine that aura and black body going to source energy carrying with it the negativity , negative beliefs and emotions it was carrying
  3. Now fill your aura up with the essence of whatever you want to bring into your reality , if you want more love let’s say , say to yourself , I am nurturing loving relationships and see that belief light up your aura with green for heart chakra
    keep doing it for every new thing you want in your reality , confidence ? Make your intent to fill your energy body with confidence and Picture a yellow aura surrounding you and your solar plexus glowing
  4. Feel excited and happy to be in your new energy body that you have let go of everything holding you back


Hi, thank you for sharing this, I have a question regarding this part:

Do you mean imagining, feeling it or seeing this as a color or energy?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Safe to say, You can do it, however, you feel is the best for you.

if you can do it by color then imagine the emotion to that of a color, eg :- if you feel sad then that sad emotion’s color would be red or green or blue whichever you find suitable.

If you can feel the emotion and let the emotion express through you during the meditation then that is also okay.

Again, whichever works best for you. : D

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Just imagine a black aura with the intention it’s filled with the negative emotions , then picture it leaving your body and going back to source energy , so now feel grateful to have discarded junk in your emotional body and fill it with whatever you want

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@Blizzard thanks great explanation! :slight_smile:

@John_Wick thank you :slight_smile: