Meditation experimentation with candle and sigil for money (IT WORKED)!

Hi everyone, hope everything is fine.

Well, as a magician, I like to always create and test new things. Like in science, as we have some basic knowledge of some stuff we can always do some trial and error in order to expand it. More knowledge you have, fewer errors you’ll commit.

That said I started to create some money spell that uses little quantity of materials (only two incenses, a green candle and the sigil of Bime) but demands a lot of effort (because I like to few exhausted after an operation. My thing lol). I started by drawing Bime (Bune) sigil. Placed it on my altar and take my time to charge it. After some time, I started the process.

First I lightened some cinnamon incense and let it burn at the right side of the sigil. On the left side, I put one of sandalwood. Still gazing the sigil, I start to draw Bime to me, structuring his form (like a fog but with some silhouette) over the sigil while I chanted his enn, vibrating (like you do on mantras). After some time, I felt dense energy and I could see fog over the sigil (I believe that isn’t a crucial point, just feeling some changes would do the job, but yes, I saw it). I visualized, then, this fog entering into this sigil and a then the sigil glowing. At some point, I felt that sigil was within me, inside me, like if I have “memorized it” (it’s the best approach that I can do, sorry for being so confusing here). After that, I put the green candle over the sigil and lightened it.

Then I gaze at the flame for few seconds and closed my eyes. First I visualized me as an empty shell, all dark inside. Then I bring that flame into me, just like a stream, and fueled it, visualizing it growing stronger. Then, the light brings to me an entire universe inside me. I expanded it until it broke my shell and connected with the universe outside me. After that, I structured Bime sigil just in front of me. When I finished it, I structured money coming outside from it. Also, I structured that money being attracted by the flame inside me as if the flame was magnetic for the money. Then the money was within me so I structured it flowing through my hands like a “money river”. Dollar, Yen, Brazilian Real, money was literally flowing through my hands.

After that I structured all this money turning into energy and this energy converting on a ball, a huge one. Then I brought this ball in front of me and visualized me, with my hands, compacting this ball into a smaller one. Then I put it into me.

I opened my eyes and gaze the flame for one more time. Visualized then the flame inside me flowing outside me and connecting with the flame on the candle. Did this for approximately 5 minutes and then just gazed the flames and said:

“By all the power within me, and with the power of the great duchess Bime, I command money to flow in my life without limits. So mote it be”.

Gazed the flame imagining the outcome for few moments and blew the flame. Folded the sigil and put it on my pocket. After all, rest.

3 days after (that means today. 50 minutes ago) I received an e-mail: I got promoted on my job (I was competing with 5 others, two of them with Ph.D.). Also, I had an incredible idea for my investments. I received two gifts from people that I didn’t see for a long time. And I’m having a bursting of luck.

Then I had to put it here. Try it by yourself, folks, it takes time, a lot of energy and determination but believe in me, the outcome is outstanding. :slight_smile:


I like it! It suits my style of working too. Thanks for sharing.


You’re welcome. Feel free to try it. :slight_smile:

Update: I had a lawsuit against one company that I worked for 4 years ago. They didn’t want to do any negotiations about it so I had to wait for the court. I’ve won the first but lost the second instance and was waiting for the third. But today, they called me and offered a great deal! Close to the value that my lawyer calculated for us.

Thanks, Bime.

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