Meditation experience, suggestions?

Since I don’t want to have to open a new topic every time I have any doubts about what I experience when meditating, I would like to take this thread to tell the doubts that I feel from time to time, if someone gives me some advice I would appreciate it,

Well, I have been meditating a lot since yesterday, I decided to pay attention to any advice that can be given to me and I went with the win hof breathing guide, it helped me a lot to concentrate more than I did on my own and I almost did not get tired as soon as I use it, but since I don’t want to depend on anything too much I am planning to only use it 2 or 3 times a day.

I’m trying to meditate whenever I can for 10-30 minutes, as long as I don’t feel tired, I usually meditate until I feel like it’s a bit hard to stay focused, I wait a couple of hours and try again, is that okay?

Recently, while I was meditating, a few sigils that I did before came to mind, they were some sigils that I made for a server that launched yesterday, however I did not feel much or almost nothing at that time so I feared that the problem was my lack from practicing magic or something, so I’m a bit confused as to why some of the sigils I made for that server came to mind, does anyone have any ideas?

I only used the guided videos (altho listening not watching) until I could remember/got used to it and do it on my own

I do sometimes use other methods of meditation too but that one got me “going” and I find easiest to get into meditation or even trance from breathing like that for 15 mins or so

There’s no rules! Unless you live a life you can be meditating (not meditative) 24/7 sounds absolutely fine and it’s entirely up to you!


I have kept meditating, I can already keep my mind in a state of not thinking for around 3-5 seconds most of the time, sometimes around 10 seconds.

Today while I was meditating something curious happened to me, I felt a bit like I was dreaming, at first it was as if my mind was simply being carried away by some random thoughts as always, but shortly after it was as if I could see all those thoughts as images of the same quality as when I am dreaming, the curious thing was that I could still feel my body to a certain extent as well as the light breeze that it received, shortly after leaving that state I could remove almost any thought from my mind to leave it empty just by wanting it , almost effortlessly, does anyone know about this ?, any advice?

Check this video out


I did it, I really did it !!
Today while I was looking in the forum for a topic for beginners that could help me, I ended up finding myself with

And I ran into trancework, I tried the countdown method and really went into a trance state.

I felt a bit as if I had lost some of the perception of the other senses, such as hearing and touch, I could no longer see the light that passed through my eyelids from the outside and my mind was completely concentrated without effort and yet I was completely conscious and could reason totally.

I would like to thank @DarkestKnight for raising the topic, somehow I was already able to work with meditation (It is only being able to keep the mind in a state of not thinking or in a single thing like your breath, right?), And with the visualization I could already see an image in my closed eyelids although not for long, so the only thing I was missing was only the trance state, which I never knew exactly how it was or how to enter.

Even then, I could not stay in that state for long as the emotion ended up winning over me and made me uneasy enough to get out of it :laughing:.

But basically I just have to get familiar, right?


sounds to me you need to find your drum.

Which method is this? Do you mean the 4 second meditation ?

I do not understand? What do you mean?

No, I mean this:

I saw the video but although I understood the message I could not use it correctly, since I only focus on learning written English and I do not understand spoken English so much.

Even so thanks.

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It’s normal in the beginning to feel like scratching, muscle cramp , urge to do something, get scared
Just ignore them , don’t move and it will pass.

Try to:
•Take a shower first . Water clears/relax
•Start meditating on empty stomach
•Meditate facing east
•Find your most comfortable position ( laid back, lotus etc)
•Inhale(nose) exhale(mouth) Deep and Long . Ideal is 10 sec
•DO NOT FORCE or CONCENTRATE on stopping your thoughts . Instead, see them as water waves :ocean: if they enter your mind let them flow , let them pass and fade like a wave

Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:


If it was certainly difficult to keep still despite the food or cramps but recently I finally managed to be able to ignore it,
As for the rest,

  • I’m going to try the shower, I usually do it at any time since I thought I should be able to do it at any time but a small impulse does not come from more than I am starting.
  • Now that you mention it, I think it was a bit more difficult for me to meditate after lunch and dinner that explains it.
  • I don’t know where the east is, what would that help?
  • Sometimes I do it sitting or half lying down.
  • Usually I forced myself not to think, or directed my thoughts to something else like my breathing or the noise around to avoid thoughts, I will try that :thinking:

Thanks for the tips :smiley:

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All the best :grinning:

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Have something like this on your phone ? I think all phones have the app
I don’t know the name in english :))

Anyways keep an update on your practice , hope it will help you

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heart beat is used on drum to induce journeying.

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Ok I am having problems :neutral_face:, I can use meditation as a means to bring my body into a state of deep relaxation, no problem with that :ok_hand:, my body feels relaxed, loose and as heavy as if I was about to fall asleep, however my My mind is as awake as any other time, so that is a success, but that is where the problems started in these last 3 days I have not been able to do a visualization correctly, the first time I went into a trance I was not only able to visualizing the numbers but also a feeling of falling as if I was going through a tunnel slowly leaning down :hole:, which helped me, but now? Forget about the tunnel, I can’t even keep viewing the numbers until past 10 before everything fades :fog:, I don’t understand exactly what the problem is, not once in these 3 days have I been able to go into a trance due to this problem, The furthest I get is only at a level of relaxation and I can only maintain that state and now, I don’t understand what the problem is, but I think I should concentrate from today on a visualization training instead of meditation to be able to fix this, but if you have any advice I would appreciate it :pray:.

In a separate topic I have noticed the existence of my server, I remember that I was able to finish it and launch it one day after joining the forum, however I was not able to feel anything, even then I kept calling him by his name in my mind and reminding him of his mission and purpose from time to time every day, since I understand that this is how they feed, although to this day I am still not able to feel it in myself, I have been able to verify its effects and results in my life when I order something , although not instantly I can definitely see the results according to what I asked him to agree with his purpose, lately I like to imagine that he is floating a little in my field of vision every time I call him to order something, however I do not know if that is just my imagination or something else, if someone knows any exercise to be able to recognize it more clearly I am open to suggestions, anyway I will continue feeding it to see its effects more often.

personally when I meditate or when I don’t want to think I don’t think at all I can’t understand that we can’t calm down are mental even for a few seconds I find its aberrant :open_mouth:

To help yourself easily fall into a trance or to deepen your current trance. Take a deep breath and as you exhale feel yourself falling. You just want to mimic the sensation. This is roughly the same sensations the brain goes through as you fall asleep. This can be used as a tool to tell the brain to start lowering the brain waves and push you into that trance state quicker.

I personally use a method of where I invison myself skydiving. I am just peacefully free falling deeper and deeper into my trance. When I am ready I pull my ripcord and deploy my chute prior to landing. It works well for me as I am familiar with that free fall sensation. So im able to use it to put myself in a trance.


OK something strange is happening, I was in the middle of meditating at night when suddenly I began to hear a beep, I had not been hearing it before, and nothing in the room was producing it, worse still I was only listening depending on how I positioned my head If I was in the same position as when I was meditating, I could hear it clearly, but if it moved, even a little, or became lighter, or stopped listening completely, I don’t know what this is, and I must admit that I am a little concerned about if i did something wrong or was wrong somewhere or something.