Meditation /Evocation

Ok. So my bargin to evoke contact with Azazel for 30 days … this Thursday is day 4.
Thing is that wgen his presence us with me i become very sleepy have to lie on floor then try get up. Last night i kept nodding off and been jerked awake but its so heavy like blanket huge. I couldn’t even get off the seat after a long while i think I was allowed to get up and go to bed.

I could do with some answers please. Im wondering if my astral body is still too weak … so on the principal of as above so below as within so without I have shifted my gym training from weights to jogi & body pump. Thinking that may help.


Apparently I don’t eat enough to balance the output!!. But i don’t think its relevant to so being overcome

Try energy manipulation like Chakra work or deep meditation

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Sure I’ll try it. Been working on chrakras in feet hand elbow under arm practiced feeling a cool spin then heat. Perhaps i do this again in more detail for longer

Sounds 2 me like Azazel’s is putting you in that state for a reason. If I were you I would go with it with faith that Azazel has good reason. Just keep doing it and be diligent with confidence that you will gain an understanding of what it means.


Ok. I see. Thank you