Meditation, Candles (and unpleasant "outcome?")

I think that I have finally found the key to making my first baby steps in successful magick: Meditation. Some of you are now saying, “For fuck’s sake. Isn’t that what we have been telling you all along??” Well…yes you have. But easier said than done for me. I have always had great difficult quieting my mind. But I think staring at a candle in the dark will be key for me. I was able to enter, what I consider to be, a relatively deep state of meditation last night. Then I began to call Bune for insight on how I might win the affection of two specific girls. I also asked him how I could begin to see financial success. I asked him for assistance and for him to let me know what he required if I choose to take his help. I got one clear response for each girl. I did not get anything helpful regarding finances. So I’m pretty stoked about what I consider to be contact (even it was only a placebo affect to get me to think more clearly in my own brain).

Anyhow, I woke up to a very unpleasant presence in my room. I noticed it after waking up from a nightmare. I did not feel like it wanted to physically harm me as much as terrorize me. The nightmares continued. I live in a fairly rural area in the desert. And I heard what sounded like at least 4 small dogs screaming for their lives (the neighbors dogs I think being killed by coyotes. I know that Bune is not typically know as being unpleasant. But this is the second such episode after trying to contact him. The last time was when I was backpacking and had an out of body experience, followed by a large bat/human thing. Maybe it is just that Bune doesn’t like me for some reason? Or maybe this is nothing and it is just in my head?

The best way to prove it is not just in your head is keep a magickal journal. Same with dreams. Down the road you will probably doubt yourself and your experiences (sort of plateau). Going back through your journal and reading times like you described above will help reassure yourself and get you back on track.
Yes, meditation is important. Arguably the most important thing you’ll do.
Meditation is like learning how to tune in a radio. The messages are on the airwaves, you just have to know how to receive them.

I don’t know much, but I figure if you haven’t had a relationship with Bune before, then maybe it wasn’t Bune. Try using Bune’s sigil next time. Sometimes if you call out to a certain spirit without connecting to that spirits specific energy, anything that hears you will want to come. Sleazy spirits don’t care, they’ll take a call for Bune or dear granny, and shamelessly impersonate them. Try meditating on Bune’s sigil, all the things written about him/her.

And by the way I am a baby too. Seven years of study and searching, and I STILL neglect meditation, because when I find myself actually meditating my mind is is like “WOAH YOU’RE MEDITATING AND NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO ME!” Robert Bruce has great information on meditation and visualization because they are both so misunderstood and confusing to people. A lot of it is cause by crappy translations from people studying the methods in India and perpetuating them on a grand scale, like with the spiritualist movement.

I think what is good to remember is you can’t worry about doing it wrong or being bad at it. If you do get a moment when your mind is clear then catch yourself thinking about how much you like grapes or something then gently bring your focus back to what you were doing, then you are meditating. That’s pretty much it. It’s a long process, but you will clear out the garbage (or poo) the monkey mind throws out. It takes time to tame that animal. Be forgiving and gentle with yourself. And I need to follow my own damn advice. Geez.

And to add to what Azesiel said, having a journal also helps because sometimes magick happens in steps that can take a few days or weeks to fully complete so you may see a few odd events here and there and when the magick is finally completed you can go back thru your journal and re-read everything and suddenly relalize how all those strange occurances fit together and see how every little piece of success you noticed the week before was all part of one big puzzle coming together.

Basically you can experience things that don’t make sense and can easily be dismissed as random weirdness or coincidence until you pull out that journal and recall each day over the past week and suddenly those events seem to make sense as if they were necessary to make things come together and complete.

Have you had a chance to find out if that was actually what happened?

Other than that, I agree with whatever everyone else has said, look at the fakes on Twitter and then imagine if anyone pretending to be say some famous actor could get sex and money, no questions asked, people they convinced, which seems to be how eager some spirits are for attention, contact, and an invitation into this world.

No, I have not found out what actually happened. But I know there have been coyotes roaming about because I have seen him (one got one of my cats a couple months back). So a mundane explanation probably best explains that part of the experience I had.

Regarding the possibility of an “uninvited” spirit posing as Bune: I forgot to mention the following. After asking for Bune to come, I also said something like, “Or the god of financial prosperity. Or the god of love.” I may have broadened things out too much.

But I have not had any more creepy stuff happen since, so hopefully I didn’t accidentally open a port hole.