Meditation and feeling empty

Okay so I’ve been having problem with this issue for over 2 years and haven’t done anything about it, I hoped that it’ll go away but it didn’t.

So basically everytime I reach a quite state in my meditation where my thoughts aren’t very chaotic, I start to feel empty. My motivations goes down drastically. It’s the same feeling when you’re burned out of doing mentally challenging work. It sometimes lasts for weeks.

I don’t know why I’m having this.

If anybody knows of any solutions please let me know. I’ll greatly appreciate it :pray:

Thanks :pray:

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Part of meditation is becoming aware of what’s going on within yourself.

In this case, when you finally quiet all the thoughts and whatnot, you become aware of feeling very burned out.

You’ll probably need to explore what the underlying reason is and trace it back so you can resolve it.

Myself, I usually become aware of a lot of tension I’m holding, usually in the stomach a lot of times.

You could try to ritually feed this sense of burnout and emptiness into a candle or whatever to “burn it off” and see if that helps you resolve it. (In effect, ritually “letting go” of the problem)


That really does help a lot! Thank you for the suggestion!