Meditation And Drugs

I feel very overwhelmed by the fact that I can’t meditate more then 10 min or less because of my narcolepsy, and it makes me wonder if I will ever be able to become a black magician,
I’m very worried that I won’t be able to develop my physic abilities because of my narcolepsy and it makes me very depressed because I wanna become pshycic I wanna astral project I wanna meditate etc etc.
I used to take adderal 30 mg and then I could meditate, but I don’t think the meditation will be effective when on drugs!
Does anyone else here also have narcolepsy pls let me know
For those of you who don’t know what narcolepsy is
Its a rare sleep disorder wich makes you very tired in the Morning and always go into rem sleep very fast and never get a full night sleep.
This is why I cant meditate without some sort of drug


I do not have this problem but I’ve helped people who have had similar issues. I am not sure how well it’ll help you, but try to meditate in uncomfortable positions that you normally couldn’t sleep in. While them being uncomfortable may not be the most ideal position, it should still help you meditate well enough. But beyond that, 10 minutes is often long enough for most purposes in occultism.


Depression will hold you back no matter what you do. Lets work on that and those feelings.

Also anything from 5-7 mins for most people is enough to shift awareness, at least brainwaves, to wakeful theta state when they are doing breathing exercises.

Have you tried EA’s Blue Ray meditation? It has you staring at a candle, chanting, and actively visualizing. I dont know much about your condition, but you might need to experiment with different forms of meditation than the traditional ‘sit or lay’ down kind.

Have you thought about using your condition to your advantage? A quick google search confirms that those with the narcolepsy disorder fall asleep and are in REM sleep almost immediately. You could use your dreams as a launch pad to the astral. Tiredness in general also keeps the brain in check when it comes to doubt, as some of the most lucid astral experiences I have had as a teenager came from waking up and going back to sleep with the intent of being lucid in my dream. Then using that to advance to the astral.

Try to get into lucid dreaming, write down your dreams, etc. From there you can try astral projection.


Ok thanks for telling me. I’ve actually been thinking maybe it’s a good thing for astral or lucid dreams but I’m still not sure.
But I’m gonna order a 30 min consultation with Enoch B Petrucelly and he’s gonna remove my chakras I’m looking forward to it !

Im kind of the same way, i find a sober mind is difficult to meditate in. Mushrooms, weed, amphetamines, and opiates help me get to a deeper meditation. My brains fucked up like that, i cant think straight without a fix. Wish that wasnt the case, but it is what it is. Worst thing is i get memory problems and cant remember shit like i use to. Something id like to address by eating healthier idk about quitting drugs permanently tho, not really an option. But diet is directly connected to health so idk i suggest looking into the mind diet or something similar, im gonna focus on healthy brain food next time i shop, see if it makes a difference for me. Im a junky for junkfood too lol. Got some habit need changin, lol.

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I’m the same way