Meditation advise?

I’ve read 2 or 3 books about the meditation upon the heart or the urna, heart is 4 chakra at the center of the system, and urna is related to visualization capabilities very useful for inner working.

It’d be ok if I keep on sticking on these two alone? I’m not touching any of the other ones (I read 4th chakra, heart, balances all the system when opened)

It would most likely be best to work on all the others anyway. Sure the system may be balanced after your work on the heart, but why not strengthen them all and get the most out of each one? Starting where you are is great, but it’s really just the first step.

If you look for the book Energy Work by Robert Bruce and work through it, you’ll come to exercises on the primary energy centers (“chakras”). I would recommend you work with his system since, like EA, he has had thousands of students who can confirm that his system works.

I’ve considered it too, yet my heart chakra is the most active as the third eye one. Anyway I’ll sure try it, that’d be the ideal

Aha, looking at its TOC at Amazon, I like what I’m seeing, I’ll buy it thanks for the recommendation Writhing