Meditating,raising energy/sphere

I was meditating yesterday, to the point where I found myself in the middle of nowhere and falling into empty space, then I saw a giant sphere of electrified electric energy that was getting bigger the longer I meditated …
by my surprise, an image of a beast
I saw this whole black image and then the images began to dissolve into pieces like pieces of carbon and was going in my direction as if absorbed by me)

I wonder if it was just an increase in energy or some spirit that was coming to me …

this was absolutely fantastic, the energy ball got so big that I could not see, I mean the edge of the sphere … I only saw the center in the end because the size became gigantic



similar to that image,but bigger

in the past 30-40 days i have no need to sleep and i also never feel tired,i sleep when i try hard to sleep but i dont feel need,body also doesnt feel tired…
i thinkt that this whole situation is making the things alot more latent

just wanted to share this.

have a good day you all

i didnt felt any intrusive energy,i felt a kind of approach,passage,idk how to explain,did someone have a similar experience?