Meditating on Ladilock

hi all

i am a beginner and after watching EA’s mastering evocation video, i decided on contacting Ladilok.
i was at my work desk with my colleagues all around me.
I drew up her sigil, faced north west, and chanted alashtad alashtul ashtu under my breath.
i gazed on her sigil and started notice the lines disappear and appear, float and there was a glow around sigil.
i just spoke to her in my head and stated my requests and what i would give her if it happened.
other than feeling immense energy inside of me, my eyes started to tear and i had that feeling in my throat. that feeling like just before you start to cry.
i attributed that feeling to having her around me but i had no visualizations of her.

what do you guys think?


that sounds experienced really i mean if you have done that first time than its a great start i guess