Medical questions concerning the spiritual aspect

I have a few quick seemingly simple “medical” questions that are related to the spiritual self. I’m not sure if I’m just making stuff up or if some things are actually going on I need to address…

  • Recently a pressure developed near my Third Eye that happened to become really bad acne (which I get under stress) and now I’m having a bit of trouble using my imagination and spiritual sight. Is this acne how spiritual energy gets rid of gunk-stuff? Or is this a side-effect of repressed/low/unattended spiritual energy? (I haven’t done much magic safe for meditation in a long while)

  • Is it common for spiritually strong or Willful people to not be affected by illness as often? Everyone in my family except me became sick to some degree within the past two weeks.

  • One that’s a little more personal; I understand sexuality and spiritualism is strongly connected, but by how much? I’m in a period of life where I’m having a bit of withdrawal from spiritual abstinence and I’m noticing that I seem to have an increased sex drive. It’s causing me a lack of sleep, strangely.

I’m trying to take care of myself but so much has been happening with my schedule it’s hard to even plan for a ritual. I have a few rituals I’d like to get done but it’ll need to wait until November/December. Maybe the end of October if I get somewhat lucky.

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Try closing your third eye when you are not using it for a specific purpose. As for illness it becomes less physical and more psychological such as stress, anger and fatigue so i suggest taking short breaks and chasing up triggers when you start your shadow work. As for sexuality they are connected sometimes you will feel the need to abstaine and focus on using spiritual energy in it place and other times the reverse will happen.