Mediation practice?🧐

Good evening friends. So lady Eva hipped me on some core shamanistic mediation to find your power animal. I’m still trying to perfect it so far no real visuals only senses like smell and touch. Was wondering if any one has advice and other techniques to truly dig deep in this practice??? Also since I am new after I tried this the other day I have seen figures in the corner of my eye sometimes. Not all the time tho can’t really make them out. Not concerned about it. Just wanna make sure I am not getting in to deep with something I’m not ready for???


You could try various meditations on your chakras.


You could try simple visualization meditations: Like try to hold the idea of an object in your mind, crisp and clear, for 5 mins. Ignore distracting thoughts and go back to the object every time you find yourself straying. Remind yourself that you are working with this object. It helps to set a timer so you dont have to worry about time. The object can be anything. Try to incorporate as many things about the object as you can: but visualizing in it your head may be challenging enough. Try to taste it. Feel it. Smell it. Etc. Work with it in detail. For 5 mins bare min.

Then try for 10! (some books even go for 15 or 30 mins but I find that O.O myself, and have gotten good results with just being able to do it for 10 mins. The idea is training you to focus your mind and develop concentration.)

Even in EAs courses he has some work like that. It is an important building block to success.

Once you can do that ^ above you should have built your senses enough to get something out of journeying. It is harder than it sounds. But techniques such as the one above are found in most basic books on Magic and mind work so I dont mind sharing the technique.

Meditation doesnt have to be boring. It can be fun. Make it fun ^.^ You will enjoy yourself more that way and this will feel less like a chore.


Thank you, very much. I will definitely try this!!!

Do you have a link to that?

She pm me it I’m not sure she would dig me sending it out. Ask her I’m sure she would be happy to help

Would that be okay @Lady_Eva ?

Just had a thought in this practice is it better to lay down to mediate or in the traditional crossed legs way monks teach. I read it is good to do both but laying down it could promote more out of body stuff. And read I mean you tube video. Just wondering what you fine people think or if there’s any truth to this???

Most teachers recommend meditating either seated, or standing, as the spine needs to be straight, and the head properly balanced on the spine, to facilitate the proper flow of energies. If you meditate laying down, you are far more likely to fall asleep instead of accomplishing the meditation, which is why it is always best to do it sitting up.

You don’t have to meditate crossed legged if it is difficult for you. Doing so in a chair is perfectly fine, and is known as the ‘god posture’ because it is how the Egyptian Gods are often portrayed.


Thanks for the clarification :pray:t3:

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You’re welcome, and I’m glad you found the information helpful :slight_smile: