Mediation journal

So I have just stumbled into this practice. I figured I’d start a journal my goals are to eventually invoke different spirits to help me in various ways and also learn various things about them and my self. So tonight I went to a quite spot near a lake to mediate on finding my spirit animal. I’ve been working on this for about a week I was advised that this would be a good starting point in regards to my goals and just opening my third eye and going into different planes of existence. So far I have only really felt things like static resonating through my body, when I was in doors I experienced smells and felt nature but no real visuals yet tonight though I feel I finally saw progress I saw a tree manifest Infront of me. I know this wasn’t a real tree because I felt something mediating I’ve never felt before my eyes literally rolled into the back of my head and I was in a deeeeeeep trance. The way I can describe it was almost like a comatose feeling, but being aware at the same time. But anyways I saw the tree a big red wood tree. With wonderful roots flowing through the earth I took a moment and admired it then decided to walk up to it as I took a step I felt my self almost get pulled back to my reality so to speak it was over whelming but fun almost like a intense rollercoster at a amusement park then I woke up lol. This is the most amazing feeling I ever felt in my life I am super excited to try this again tomorrow or in a day or two. I’m not trying to rush my power animal will manifest when I’m ready I’m not worried about that. I am just super excited to be able to go to my happy place so to speak!!!

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15 June.
Tonight I will try again I finally was able to manifest the tree in my trance. But wasn’t able to truly communicate with it there fore not getting to meet my animal guide. But I just wanted to take a min a say in here that ever since I started doing this just mediation, I have already been able to see drastic improvements in my life and joining this forum a has really been a big break through in my journey through life I’ve only been here about a week and I am really glad I joined.
I don’t think I’m ready to get super deep into the magic yet but I am getting there “ with out retention there is no progress”

Wow so I made a hugeeeevbreak through. I just got done meditating and one I finally made my world tree and meet my spirit animal. It is a Fox. I get a female vibe from her because she was very protective of me throu my journey. I met her I asked her if she was my ally she then proceeded to jump in my arms and nudge my face and give me a quick lick of reassurance lol. Then I asked her to guide me through the lower world i then put her down and she proceeded to walk me through a holein the tree I was a huge redwood. It was kinda small to squeeze through but then when I got through I went through this slide and just a magnificent array of colors surrounded me then the farther I went down I saw weird stuff like a river flowing in the sky, a floating house flying paper origami birds then I finally landed the Fox was waiting for me gave a chirp and I started walking through a forest path but the colors where different like the water because there was stream was purple and the ground was a light blue and the sky was a green. We continued to walk and then we stoped at a ledge. Not like a cliff where there was more stuff to see but like a unfinished bridge. The Fox then jumped into my arms and I asked it to merge with me it then hugged me I felt her claws almost dig into my back and she rested her head on my shoulder then I woke up almost instantaneously. Now I feel amazing and I’m crackilng with energy it’s a little over whelming almost lol. Wheww. What a ride.:joy::joy::joy: