Media Magicians ?!


So are The magicians we see on tv are they really tricks or are they working with spirits and what type because the things that they are pulling off is crazy it would have to be a strong entity


You mean like David Copperfield? They are indeed well crafted magical acts. Are they working with spirits, I would seriously doubt it. They are much more commercial in nature and try and create acts to attract an audience with card tricks and sawing people in half LOL.


Yes, I even remember one magician from America’s Got Talent who had an invisible friend ever since he was a kid. And either she was real or he had mastered telekinesis to a highly specific degree.


Telekinesis? The power to move objects with your mind. Good luck if it were only true with or without the invisible friend. Many claim magical powers but i think it is more Hollywood show than real occult knowledge or spirit driven.


What about Chris Angel?(sp?)


He does some amazing stuff. Impressive.


Him, David Blaine, and many others. There’s video footage of David Blaine getting shot at point blank range while preparing for a stunt.

Found it: