Media attack has an article that states that ‘alternative media’ is under sudden attack, while Hannity and other mainstream media is being touted as a the good news.
I put this here to state that if the DOD (department of defense) is so concerned about people getting knowledge and power, then this site and others might be next.
I put this here in the general discussion section just so people know about it.

They can’t remove all information, so even if this site is removed (very unlikely) they will have to bastardize the practice and belief, same as modern religions have done to the previous systems.

They will make it sound like some absurd, crazy idea like they’ve done with conspiracy theories and such.

I believe they’re more concerned with information that incriminates themselves than any thing else.

True. They are just covering their butts. Of course, if the populace gets too much personal power type information, it could threaten them.
But as many of us can see, the majority really don’t care. They survive one day at a time. And that is what the elite count on.
They use us as an energy source. So I leech them (energy, money, knowledge, etc.)
Of course I have been warned that vampirising these elite, I will inherit their traits, behavior, patterns of mind, emotion (if they have any), and spirit.
That is where the white/gold light cleaning after a feeding comes in. Cleans myself of their thoughts and traits and use the stolen energy for personal benefit.
I hope it works.
But yeah, if any information is a threat, they shut it down.
And guys like Glenn Beck are not telling us much more than the mainstream media. Kind of a joke really.
Someone called his show and quoted Wayne Dyre, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
It went RIGHT OVER THEIR HEAD! They said, “yeah, sure, right”.
They are christians and their ignorance (and stupidity for attacking these higher things) apparent to the rest of us.
So the elite are not worried about guys like this.
Leech him dry as well. (For attacking ‘outsiders’ like myself as being the devil, because we have a different view of reality (hindu, buddhist, yoga, etc.)
He might be sincere in his beliefs and trying to help us. But his information is a level 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. )The mainstream media being a 2.)
So he is not a threat to the elite.

Too many sheeple that will continue their narrow-minded view of ‘if it can’t be scientifically proven, it’s not real’ no matter how many miracles or workings of true magic are thrown in their faces.

There are some people that do fear someone (not under their control) learning too much about these things, but most that are at a level that would draw that kind of unwanted attention know how to remain under the radar.

Christians, themselves aren’t bad, it’s the religion, itself, that drills the intolerance into them though fear.
I think the main allure of the religion is it’s simplicity - perfect for the sheeple.
‘only worship this one thing and fear everything else or you’re going to hell.’ ‘do what we say or you’re going to hell.’ ‘try to do anything yourself or ask questions and you’re going to hell.’

A single person, alone or in a very small group doesn’t want to be pushed around, but people, en mass love to be told what to do so they don’t have to think for themselves.
I find that most evident in a Japanese proverb that’s told to children when they want to do something different: Deru kugi wa utareru (The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.)
and their affinity for saying shouganai (it is what it is) to damn near every situation.

I’m sure similar phrases and attitudes can be found in many other cultures, Japanese is just what I’ve studied.

Also there’s the natural inclination to just make fun of something if you don’t understand it.
Magic, even in it’s simplest forms, is just too complex.
And if something so complex is not taught in the public schools, it’s going to remain a thing for ‘crazy’ people and continue to be lumped in with conspiracy theories, alien abductions, bigfoot sightings and such.

… crap… I done forgot where I was going with that…
My head hurts too bad to care right now…
I’m out!

The internet’s been on the verge of being shut down or locked down by “the man” ever since it began, if you go back to (for example) archives from 2002 you’ll see the same scare-stories and the same “Any day now it’s coming!” bug-eyed panic…

The conspiracists claim that people who don’t buy into their stuff are sheeple, but in fact they’re more like sheepdogs themselves - tamed canidae scaring people in pre-approved ways.

I realised that while some of their points may have merit, I never wanted to buy into their story of victims versus overlords, and anyway the world some of them seem to want, if you extrapolate it from the things they dislike, doesn’t appeal to me - a lot of them outright hate all forms of magickal practice, and would be after us as much as their perceived oppressors.

And the "sheep dogs " love to take our money