Meaning of this? Are they sigils, and of what? Thanks!

Me and a relative of mine are curious of what these signifies. She’s a friend of my relative and started wondering. Are they some sort of sigil. Are they sigils of RHP? LHP?

Any insight would be appreciated. Very curious as to who we’re dealing with.



Its a generic tribal tattoo and a stylized orthodox cross. Russian Orthodox I think, but I could be wrong.



I have never seena sigil like this

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It could be a custom sigil that she made herself

Bottom one I see a variation of leviathan cross and the top one I see a fire dragon.

LHP is the sense i’m getting.


Very similar indeed. Just noticed that!

Seriously folks, it’s all pretty generic basic ink. Not every funny symbol has some grand hidden esoteric meaning.


First I consider it kinda rude to call someone friend, then take a pic of their tattoos, upload it on a forum and wonder “who you’re dealing with” like you’re ready to judge her based on her spirituality. That’s for your relative, obviously.

Now as for your question, your relative can ask her herself. Just throwing a crazy Idea here…

As for me, I agree with @UnseelieDiabolus, it doesn’t seem anything significant, if anything seems more RHP but, again, you can’t judge from the tattoos. So you have better chances trying to ask her.


The top looks like basic tribal, but the bottom one reminds me of voodoo type of symbol, like it is combined with something else in the second one almost.

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I have no relation whatsoever to said person. The photo was given to me and so caught our attention. By no means am I ready to judge, to each their own, just haven’t seen anything like it lately.

As for this, you’re right. I thought it was better posting here for more insight than just asking one person.

Thanks, though.

Nice post by the way, I like puzzles like this that make me think. It’s obviously going to have different meanings to different people I’m being humans were always going to related to something that I would be curious if you find out what it is at a later date Letting me know.

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Just ask. If it’s a secret, why is it exposed? I cover my tattoos unless I’m at home, so just ask. I see letters inside the bottom one also. Could be anything from the first letter of a deities name, who knows but her, so ask.

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I’ll have her ask the individual. I personally don’t know who the person is. It does resemble the leviathan cross, though.

I’m glad you said that, it does look like a stylized russian orthodox cross, the church my mom goes to is Catholic however there’s alot of Polish, Russian, and Czech orthodox families that converted over and that’s pretty much a staple as a tattoo for alot of the girls. Although the last time i went to mass was back in 2007 or 08 so maybe they got a bit more decorative since then lol


I Did not really see any paths in it either looks like a tribe and I agree with @UnseelieDiabolus a orthodox cross.

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It’s referred to as the secret communion cross, found it on a lot of vector sites LOL. Initials are probably hers :slight_smile: