Meaning of my dreams - square sigils and psycho virgins

So the other night I dreamt that I was getting a sigil tattooed, at first I thought it was Bathin’s but it was actually a strange square-bordered sigil I’ve never seen before. Does anyone know of any square sigil linked to demons? I’m pretty sure I could recognize it if I saw it again.

Then last night I woke up but went back to sleep for only 30 minutes. And I had this strange dream inception where in my dream I was asleep and trying to wake up (but it was very hard), I mean in my dream I was dreaming that I knew I was dreaming and I wanted to wake up but it was very hard to open my eyes. When I did, there was this silhouette standing over my bed and it looked like a dark version of Mary the virgin with like a crown made of bramble and suddenly they yelled “Marriage me” (and not marry me) and then I actually woke up in real life.
This definitely leaves me puzzled.

Any thoughts?

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Your vision starts with a dark or shadow version of the Virgin Mary with a crown of brambles symbolizes religious conflict and decisions which may not be apparent regarding perhaps guilt or sorrow and hardship. Perhaps a woman of high authority will create difficulties in your life.

Thanks for your input! I’m not sure about conflicts and such as everything is going A ok right now but maybe the last part! Hopefully not haha

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Visions are usually signs or symbols which a deity is trying to convey although not pertinent now may be a forecast for the future regarding an upcoming event or conflict that may arise.

Do you know of any square sigils?

No, not off hand. Try the sites search engine and see what you can come up with.