Meaning of an odd dream

I’m very stumped on the weirdest dream, that I had last night last night. I feel like it might have some important spiritual meaning to it, so I figured you all may have some insight.

In the dream, all I remember is having such difficulty to see. It was like everything was blurry and in all black and white. Then, the strangest thing happened. It was like my eyes were closed, so then my eyes started to slightly open. In the view from where my eyes were partially opened, I started to see everything more clearly and in color.

Now, the thing is, the dream didn’t end when I fully opened my eyes, because it never came to that. I got too shocked when I partially opened my eyes, so I woke up. Ever since then, I get a nagging feeling like I’m being told something. Maybe it’s just a typical odd dream everyone has once in a while, though. :sweat_smile:

Sorry if it doesn’t make much sense. I tried to explain best as I can. Also, thanks in advance to all who reply. :grin:

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Possibly you are relying to much on your physical site rather than your “inner sight” or “3rd eye sight”. Start trusting what you see in your mind and visions as this perhaps what shocked you was that they are as accurate as you thought!


Alright, thank you so much! I have been denying my intuition and the flash of images that appear in my mind. I’ll try and trust them more. :grin:

@anon9236988 I tend to have this dream also. I personally think it’s just me trying to open my eyes while I’m asleep.


Yeah, a few times in my dreams, I’m opening my eyes, I’ve tried to soul travel. The thing is, it’s like I keep almost “falling asleep” in the dream. Like it’s difficult to keep seeing the dream I’m in.

I’m right there with you. Or I have the weird wake up inside of another dream. That’s always fun.


Could (also) be a metaphor for you opening your spiritual senses, which are after all our birthright and which are akin to being able to see things more truly as they are, with more depth?


Ahh, I see. ((Pun intended)) That does make sense. Thanks.