Meaning of 222

Hey everyone so I’ve been seeing a lot of 222 signs, like I just saw 222 on a license plate, right after checking the time and it was 12:22 . I’ve been seeing this frequently. What does it mean to everyone here ?

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Synchronicity it’s the way Angels, Gods, Ancients communicate with us

It can mean different things, but you will feel what is right for you.

  1. Your responsible for what you create. If you are positive, you will get positive changes back. It’s time to get back what you put in the universe.
  2. A new cycle of your life is starting. Pay attention on your thoughts when you see the number, you will get hints on what is going to change.
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And this is another time of me seeing it in my qliphothic works. During yoga I changed liftoach qlipoth. I’m seeing 222 again.