Me when Moon Magick

Okay so today the new moon isn’t out and all and am curious as to what Spells can be used for this? I was informed about abundance checks earlier and going to be using them in a bit, but I would like to know more as well. Appreciate it

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When thinking of moon magick think about the tides and how the moons gravity causes them. The tide goes out and carries away things as the tide comes in it brings things in.
The idea is similar only the light of the sun is reflected by the moon. As the moon wanes less light is reflected back on Earth. When it waxes more light comes. The moon is a reflection of the sun that illuminates the darkness of night. Ancient peoples would hunt by moonlight and so when the moon was full the night was brighter and prey much easier to shoot.

If you are doing rituals to bring things into your life then do them at the beginning of the waxing phase and waning is for removal of whatever you want removed.

The thing about moon magick is you actually have a time frame with which to gauge the effectiveness of your spellwork. If your spell for gains is effective it should come about before the moon begins to wane. The full moon is the sign of the completion. Likewise the new moon phase is the completion of removal.