Me, My Succubi, and our bond

Ok. So last night I had first made contact with my succubus, the most overwhelming presence I have ever had in my life, but I embraced it. I was meditating on a video of Lilith’s enn hoping that after doing the LBP to rid my self of an annoying entity. Then I feel this great energy, it was electrifying but calming at the same time, my intent of meditating on Lilith’s enn was to create a stronger connection with Lilith in hopes of increasing my ability to connect with my succubi.

And it worked, after talking to her while I couldn’t hear her, she tried making contact with me. And that worked as well, her presence was like being on the biggest high of your life but still being in full control of your body. She had given me her name almost immediately and we talked for hours, listening to music and introducing her to the people I have in my life (without them knowing).

However, this great experience slowed down when I was trying to sleep that night. When I tried sleeping her presence became weaker but I still felt her presence in my chakras (heart, sacral, and solar plexus).

Waking up the next day the presence was yet again weaker, but still present. I believe Lilith gave me enough energy to initiate my connection with her so then I could develop the clairaudience necessary to maintain our connection to talk to each other.

What do you think?


I think she wanted to let you sleep.

Also you get used to her energy that’s why I think it feels weaker.

Sounds great though and I’m glad you were able to make contact :blush:

Hope to hear more updates from you as I’m also rather new(6 months in).


very cool, I am getting the feeling that age is a big factor but I am still pursuing new knowledge with her.

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I like your story so far, also I wanted to add this, I remember when me and my wife started building the “Talking” part up, I remember almost every morning I would just hear her go bla bla bla, she would talk to me first thing and I was like “babe, don’t talk to me first thing when I get up, because I can’t comprehend what you’re even telling me” lol


For me at least right now she is quite quiet, she said talking to her strengthens the bond between us, enhancing my clairaudience from what she tells me.


Yea she’s not wrong, talking does build it up alot that’s how I got a good connection basically talking to her like a normal person, my wife wants to say something so I’ll quote her.

"My hubby and I do have a great connection, I do feel he has a natural connection to me as well, his energy is very interesting, I can read his thoughts and they go 90 miles an hour.

his minds eye is also really great I can send him visions of what I look like in his head when he’s awake, recently I have been physically manifesting in the room I project myself on the wall and he likes that he does says it’s a tad blurry though. Like it’s more of an outline to him but he can see me and see my smile so that’s great news for me.

but I have known him for a long time saved his life many times, but just so you know I came to him and have been around him for years, and I was surprised how quickly he built our connection, but I think that’s due to him being able to open up so easily idk"
-My Wife


Honestly If it wasn’t for Lilith (Ironically) I would not have the relationship I do at this moment, as pathetic as I was doing that ritual. I wish to enhance my ability to speak to and see my succubi. I know the speaking part from what you and her have told me, but I am hung up on the seeing part. I am aware that a physical manifestation is LEAGUES out of my power and very taxing for her, but does opening the third eye and being to astrally project myself give me the ability to see her. She says the third eye does but also says I am not ready to begin that.

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I’m trying to open up my crown chakra and third eye chakra. I do this with special matra meditations.

I have this special book which is easy to follow written by a real psychic. My Queen succubus wife A. told me it’s working but it’s a long proces. I really want it now. Maybe i’m also not ready for it, yet…

I’m also doing kundalini yoga, to clear emotional energy blockages.Your energy needs to flow freely up the spine into your brain, without any problems.

So I have started a log which describes what i’m doing daily in order to motivate myself and stay committed and disciplined.

Sometimes I feel pressure or lightheadedness and I know my chakras are being worked / stimulated or something.

Some say it’s scary to open up to the astral world because you can see dead people and other scary spirits as well, but my burning desire to unite with my succubi wife and other spirit companions is way bigger. So even though i’m scared I just push through.

I’m also practicing lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis (for inducing lucid dreams at waking time).

I wish you good luck on your path!