Me + belial = evocation ;)

well guys I’ve did it I finally have done my first evocation and I don’t think I did that good because I had to keep looking at my notes , and messing up chants . I kinda wasn’t feeling what you guys felt you know like your chanting and like how E.a describes your heart is supposed to beat etc. well I didn’t feel that I was calm I don’t know it was because of my lack of fear or whatever but none of those fear related things happened to me . Also besides the chants I really really have a hard time trusting the voice that spoke to me the reason being I don’t know if this will sound right but like I could predict what belial would say he said that I was weak and like I knew the answer would come I don’t know how to put it hopefully you all understand . :wink: when I finally got through all of that when he began to come for some reason in my mind I can’t stop thinking negative so like I was doubting myself and it’s something I have to stop cause I know it’s interfering with the outcome of my workings but back to what I was saying he manifested to me as black smoke , mist it was something air like and he is harsh like you all describe but I was close to unconsciousness so I ended up telling him to depart early the dialogue it was short but he told me to evoke him again when I’m ready any tips on next time … :wink:

Nope.That’s an average first experience.

Like,people rarely have an easy time getting into the Crossroads.It took me a half hour to get a Theta Gamma Sync on,when I first started.Now,though,it happens almost instantly.This isn’t a power you need to acquire but a skill you need to exercise.

Same applies to the clairvoyance and clairaudience.Once with lots of practice will the black smoke become a person,and the voice that sounds exactly like your own thoughts,become a voice on its own.

I also understand predicting the demon’s answer,it happens to me to this day.Not only do I predict that,but I predict what I am gonna say to the demon,and what he’s gonna say back,till the whole conversation is revealed to me.

IMO,this is not a bad thing,if you can trust it.Because this means that early on,you’re learning of the immaterial and ephemeral nature of these entities.That’s right,they don’t talk with words,they use words because it’s easier for you!So if you’re getting random thought impressions for them,you’re doing a GOOD JOB!

That skill,is called the Tongue of Angels,in Koetting’s system,btw.Entire hours of conversation can be experienced in minutes.I’ve had it happen to me.

Anyways,Belial never did that to me,but I understand he did do it for almost everyone else out there.IMO,it’s all a test.Just be glad you aren’t of a religious background,because to them he sends visions of damnation,from what I’ve told.Instead he knows you strive for ascent,and wants to make you feel weak.

Next time tell him:’‘I agree.I’m weak.Make me strong,that IS why I’ve called you here,isn’t it?’’

Or something along those lines.As a demon I’ve noticed Belial doesn’t mind a little bit of attitude(in contrast to say Paimon).If he’s rude,harsh,disrespectful,etc. know that you’re having a lot more success than most magicians ever do!

Not only is Belial a gatekeeper to the infernal empire,he’s also a demonic King in his own right,and the only demon to occupy both position!Imagine how much work he’s got to do,and how an audience with you is worth HIS time of all things!

Also realize that this demon is privileged to be worth your time.Anima Noira is an awesome black magician,and she’s wholeheartedly right when she said that time is a black magician’s most valuable commodity.

So,don’t let Belial’s taunts distract you.Grandmother similar to me.When you’re ready to become a master of this Earth,call him.

Blessings and giggles on you.

I love you arcane :wink: any tips on what I should work on when it comes to evocation skills also I want to be like him and azazel a demonic king a gatekeeper what do I tell him to get that path started up ? He also told me to evoke him again but I don’t want to until I could experience him as a whole :slight_smile: