Me and my incubus

Hey everyone, id like to introduce my incubus james. He gave me the okay to use that nickname, okay over the two days its been really peaceful. No touches no nothing, we talk using the pendulum method. Honestly hes nice and actually extremely calm and how he deals with me idk, but i cant feel him see him or sense him. And i communicated this with him cause im worried hes not truly their and this is my imagination. And i hope hes not sad reading this cause he can see. But i was hoping i could get some advice update soon on how to communicate.


this is the exact same situation i’m in with my succubus right now
when i asked about different ways to communicate, she gave me two answers

  1. try talking telepathically and don’t worry about whether it’s your own voice or your incubus
    just roll with it and further down the line you’ll realize that you’re actually having a conversation
    occasionally i’d get little glimpses pf her in my minds eye, if she wants to convey a certain emotion with the message
  2. she told me to get an effigy/idol because i wanted to see her, we went through different statues together and i made sure to pick one where the pendulum really went crazy
    you could try that, if you’d like
    also, since succubi and incubi don’t really have a form they’ll most likely take on a form that you would prefer
    anf if you can find a statue that you really like or imagine him to look like, you can use that for manifesting him
    atleast that’s the info i got
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The relationship between an incubus/succubus and human is quite complex. In human sexuality we can mutually please our partner but since the spirit is incorporeal such an interchange is not possible. The spirit seems to draw its pleasure from your mind and your imaginings and to this end I suggest calling the incubus, as a lover and friend, as you meditate upon what makes you feel loved. Love and sex are not the same thing, but if you express yourself in this way the spirit will learn and your bond will deepen.
Definitely you should be looking to make a telepathic link - the easiest way is to “pretend” he is there even if you cannot sense anything. So you should mentally talk, ask, cajole as much as possible.
In my own case the physical sensations were actually very strong when I first made contact, now it is far more of an astral experience. Also, remember that these spirits are tremendously powerful and wise beings. If you are lucky you will gain hugely in spiritual insight (whether you want it or not) as this is how the spirit can really love/help you.