Me and Mercury and why I actually love retrograde

You see, those on here who are actually close to me, will get this and then understand me even more. My planet is Mercury. Both on a mortal and deific level. Meaning, the retrograde actually affects me on a massive scale, typically making me VERY hostile and putting me in a VERY strong position magickally speaking. I tend to be very willing to fuck anything and anyone up on a whim, when usually, I might drag my feet a bit.

I’m typically already a chaotic person… Just ask @Eye_of_Ra. Now take that and put it on steroids. And then staple it to the magnitude of a crashing high speed freight train. So what’s the point? I’m going to share what I do to stay “green” in retro.

I usually always banish anything that isn’t helpful. So what I do is a banishing rite, to remove it’s influence, I usually do it twice through the retro. Then I set up wards against planetary influence.(only during retro, then I take it down) usually this combination does the trick, along with rose quartz.

Banishing rite:
“In the name of the powers of the elements, I banish the planetary influence of the mercurial retrograde from my life, in the removal of one, the growth of another. In it’s stead, may peace and stability come into my life. So be it.”

Now set up wards, get done rose quartz, eat some cheese and relax.



Mercury fuck me.


I love cheese.


Finally off the forced Mercury cocaine

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Someone say cheese?!

(Apologize for derailment… all I can say is… cheese…)