Me and Lucifer (my brother)

“Write about this brother.” He tells me.

Me and Lucifer have been through a lot together, he has always had my back, he knows I love him and I know he loves me.

Yes, we had a spat sometime back, we are better than ok now, we are family.

Oh, to those who think they know anything about what we have been through and come to quick assumptions like they did in the past…you don’t.

“You have to stop smoking brother.” he tells me, as he stands before me, a beautiful bright angel of light.
He’s right, but I kind of want to smoke a bit again, so I finish smoking my cigarette.

He gives me his hand,
“You and me brother…always.”

I say: “Yes brother, always…I love you brother.”

“I love you too brother.”


Grats I think.


This title really got my attention. With all the worth I have done with Lucifer and all you and I have talked about. I was only aware of Lucifuge as Lucifer brother. I had assumptions of other but no proof, as I as nothing to do with my path or who I am now or even my higher self.

When you can and if you choose. I would want to hear about and see if you are one of the ones I thought.


That wasn’t a “spat”. That was flat out abusive behavior on the imposter’s part. I hate to break it to you, buddy, but that isn’t Lucifer, let alone your brother.

Attempting to mind control someone because they refused to play along is not something that the real Lucifer would do.

You should really cut ties with this entity before it destroys you.


Lol so you got some bromance going on with Lucifer , first Ra the father now Lucifer the brother!’ Oh aren’t you an occult superstar :smile:

He’s been through a lot, he was emotionally unstable and could let his guard down with me

I’m doing fine, and this entity has done nothing but help me now so…I don’t think you are correct

Thanks, I assume you are not being sarcastic?

I don’t know about Lucifuge being his brother, but I have met him

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Yea, he is the most written about sibling. Some stories claim they are twins actually. Though that isn’t proven. Form
My working with them siblings yes twins no.

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Ah ok interesting

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That doesn’t mean he’s your brother. Or that he’s Lucifer. Or that he has good intentions for you (whoever he is).

Stroking your ego is not considered “helping”.

I think I read somewhere the King Paimon was Lucifer’s brother as well.


Oh really? I current can’t get away from the damn TV when I type In Lucifer. If you can find it again can you DM that to me. Please?

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Sure thing!

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I did a tarot on his connection to Lucifer, for the most part it’s legitimate but there’s also hints of his own personal desires thrown into it that from time to time cloud his truth.


Thanks for the help Velenos, as always :slightly_smiling_face:

The Whole think is a complicated relationship.

Thanks for sharing!

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uhhh, i dont know if my original post will be deleted lol, id rather it stay here

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its fine you can do it yberion

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