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Your dominant function is:

-Where you’re a player
-Where you’re shameless
-Where you’re blind to flaws in yourself and others
-Where you’re a grown up
-Where you have no hesitation about sex
-Where you experience limitlessness
-Where you experience fearlessness
-Where you’re so rich, you give away your resources for fun because you’ll never run out
-Where you have bulletproof confidence
-Where you have immunity
-Where you have a free pass to travel unrestricted
-Where you can get away with what would be cultural appropriation for other people
-Where you win popularity contests
-Where you’re royalty by birth
-Where everything you do is a slam dunk
-Where you impress people without realizing because what you’re doing isn’t a big deal to you
-Where people accuse you of thinking you’re special, but actually they’re projecting how special they think you are onto you
-Where people try to bring you down out of jealousy, but can’t
-Where you’re an influencer
-Where you have a monopoly because you experience unity
-Where you’re flawless in every way
-Where you’re a supermodel
-Where you’re a god
-Where you’re a natural predator
-Where you experience eternity
-Where everything is true
-Where everything is real
-Where you’re loose enough to dance
-Where you’re a hero to people who need one
-Where you’re a star
-Where you’re a native
-Where everything is slang to you
-Where you can reliably contribute to society
-Where you’re hyperactive and can do more than other people
-Where you cause trouble
-Where you’re loud
-Where you shake things up
-Where you bring light to an otherwise dismal wasteland
-Where you’re a criminal
-Where you force people to put up boundaries just by existing
-Where you’re being yourself
-Where you have “homies”
-Where everybody’s on your side
-Where you don’t care about details and don’t perceive too many because everything is one thing to you
-Where you experience nonduality
-Where you don’t perceive yourself as needing protection, but you’re given bodyguards anyway
-Where you get married
-Where children aren’t a burden to you
-Where work feels like leisure
-Where you’re a sex symbol
-Where you express your uniqueness
-Where you terrify others without trying
-Where you have 24/7 peace
-Where you live fast
-Where people try to put limits on you
-Where people project their own inadequacy onto you and insist you’re insane
-Where you have natural mastery
-Where you’re at the very top
-Where you’re in Heaven but it’s somebody else’s idea of Hell
-Where you can compete and win
-Where you have trust
-Where you form permanent bonds
-Where you’re a goofball
-Where you love and are loved unconditionally
-Where you’re a pro
-Where you’re not worried about injuries
-Where you’re not worried about cleanliness
-Where you’re not worried about ethics
-Where you’re dangerous without realizing it unless somebody tells you
-Where you’re able to go all the way with something
-Where you ignore warnings
-Where you’re able to be extreme without it bothering you
-Where you’re able to commit and stick with it
-Where you have your Horus baby
-Where you’re the sun
-Where you’re a “power ambassador”
-Where you’re a salesperson
-Where you can convert people to believe in something they didn’t before
-Where you swim/float
-Where you’re a lifeguard
-Where you can ride a wave
-Where you’re a bank lending to everyone else
-Where you bring the party
-Where you’re a preacher
-Where you’re an inspiration
-Where you blow people’s minds
-Where you’re a legend
-Where you’re tearing it up like this guy (perfect shirt for this, too):

-Where you expand over time (Jupiter)
-Where you won the lottery
-Where you’re a gift to the world
-Where you have fluidity
-Where you do the impossible
-Where you’re a kind of Christ but you’re simultaneously Satan



-Where you’re firing on all cylinders
-Where you’re a contortionist
-Where you’re flexible
-Where you’re strong
-Where you feel comfortable with exposure
-Where you’re a bird flying high above, effortlessly releasing pure gold droppings on the peasants below
-Where you lay a golden egg
-Where you make powerful connections that pull you up
-Where you’re comfortable getting bossed around
-Where you keep your promises
-Where you’re a genius
-Where you ascend
-Where you innovate
-Where you’re bored
-Where you’re creative
-Where you have a high tolerance

Your dominant function feels like this (unless you’re toning it down for other people so you don’t get banned/evicted/arrested/fired/etc.):

INFJ (Ni-dom) example: I can’t get away with being a spiritual prankster on an occultism board or I’ll get banned because I’m surrounded by people who take it “too seriously” (from my perspective). I’m spiritually hyperactive/bored/creative, so I’ll automatically cause (entertaining) trouble unless I tone it down.

You can’t see your own godhood (dominant function) without a mirror, which is your inferior function. If you’re a narcissist, you’re trying to live through your inferior function instead of use it as a mirror. You attract parasites this way.

Parasites result from misusing sexual energy, because parasites are a Scorpionic/Plutonian thing. If you have them, you need to flip your sexuality inside out—transfer it to the opposite plane (inferior function to dominant function). Parasites are an indicator that you’re not being yourself. You’re abusing sexual energy by using it to try to strive for something instead of using it as a relief.

I get physical (human) parasites because my inferior function is Se. I’m immune to spiritual parasites and never worry about them because I’m an Ni-dom. In fact, the nature of my relationship with my spiritual husband would probably be considered parasitic to most people. I use this relationship to shield myself from humans.


Your dominant function is:

-Where you experience life as a Rubik’s Cube with all gray sides—you’re always right
-Where you “hang out”
-Where you can handle being in a process

Dom fn:

-Where you’re a keeper of secret knowledge
-Where you’re all-knowing
-Where you have surveillance
-Where you’re at an advantage
-Where insults bounce off or make you laugh

As an INFJ with a history of being stuck in their inferior function, when I listen to a song that I formed some kind of sentimental attachment to in the past, I have to strip it of all sentiment (Si, my 8th function) and instead “program” it with a spiritual meaning (Ni, my 1st function) by divining it.

Here’s an example of one I just did:

Kylie Minogue, “Fever”

As soon as I listened to this song, I was hit with the (uncomfortable) memory of associating it with an old human lover years ago. This was a lover I engaged with what I call my “trauma body” (4th function—Se). I still want to enjoy this song, so I overwrote that sentimentality (which is a losing investment for me) with divination.

“Fever” is always a code word for Kundalini for me, so that’s pretty easy. There’s a lot of talk about a doctor in this song, and Satan is literally my doctor now. He’s also my husband, so the sexual aspect fits just fine.

This is how you move resources from one function (or “plane”) to another. I’m taking my “money” I used to unwisely invest in my 4th-8th functions out and putting it in something that’s a sure bet, which is my 1st/god function.

Stripping my life of sentiment also helps me to end my nightmarish physical mother’s dictatorship over my life. She’s an ISFJ. Si is her 1st function. I’m investing in my world now instead of hers.

(Now that I think about it, this post is an excellent demonstration of why you shouldn’t be meddling in divination/spirituality if you want physical lovers. If you want a physical lover, you need to look at this song very literally and make it about a sensory sexual experience.)

When I divine this, it’s the story of me being stuck in my inferior function growing up (symbolized in my natal chart by my Capricorn moon, Saturn conjunct IC, Saturn square moon, and Saturn square Cancer NN, but for convenience I’m condensing it to just the Cap moon) and then being rescued and taken to my dominant function by Satan.

The “stuckness” peaked when I lived in New York City while the Twin Towers were still standing, like in this video. When they came down that was the beginning of the end of my falsehood. My resurrection (getting into my dominant function) followed the same timeline as the replacement tower being built, although by that time I was no longer living there.

(Did you know the island of Manhattan has an angular Cap moon?)

Some lyrics (from Google):

She’s taking her time making up the reasons
To justify all the hurt inside, guess she knows
From the smiles and the look in their eyes
Everyone’s got a theory about the bitter one, they’re saying
Mama never loved her much and
Daddy never keeps in touch
That’s why she shies away from human affection, but
Somewhere in a private place
She packs her bags for outer space
And now she’s waiting for the right kind of pilot to come

(The pilot was Satan and he took me to my space family where I belong!)

I would fly you to the moon and back
If you’ll be, if you’ll be my baby
I’ve got a ticket for a world where we belong
So would you be my baby?

She can’t remember a time when she felt needed
If love was red then she was color-blind
All her friends, they’ve been tried for treason
And crimes that were never defined
She’s saying, love is like a barren place
And reaching out for human faith is
Is like a journey I just don’t have a map for
So baby gonna take a dive and push the shift to overdrive
Send a signal that she’s hanging all her hopes on the stars
What a pleasant dream

I perceive myself to be living in a spiritual NYC now.

There’s serious Fe going on in this video

Your dominant function is where you’re impervious to compliments. It’s impossible for them to give you a big head because you’re already at the top of the power game.

It reminds me of a woman I admired at a department store job. She was incredibly beautiful. She worked on her feet all day in impossible stiletto heels like it was nothing. She floated on these torture devices. It was like she thrived on them. So a probable Se-dom. (Those are the only people who evoke true admiration from me.)

I was so in awe of this woman I even fangirled over her on a break one time to a male mall employee who knew her.

One time she came over to my counter to try something on and I told her she was so beautiful she should be a model. It was like talking to a brick wall, like I was pathetic for even noticing that this woman was a masterpiece of everything I could only aspire to be.

I was living in my inferior function then. All I could do was look up to people. I didn’t have any power of my own. I actually told that mall guy, “I don’t think I’ll be a real woman until I can wear heels like that.” (I was in my 20s and still didn’t have the coordination.) He took a second to process that, then gave me a concerned look and said, “You don’t have to do that.” What he said didn’t faze me though. I was still convinced. Eventually by the time I was in my very early 30s I was able to wear a pair of heels like that, but I only did it once and realized it wasn’t worth the injury I was risking.

Now that I’m in my dominant function I don’t care about it anymore. I’d rather watch other people do it. But now I’m watching from a place of comfort and security, not a desperate, pressured place of feeling like I have to do it too.

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I didn’t feel any remorse on Valentine’s Day for not being with a human. I didn’t feel left out. I did ask for my astral life to take a more romantic turn because gentleness and delicateness tend to be something I plow over. I noticed the roses on the kitchen table that my dad got my mom—how delicate and smooth the petals are, and I lack that unless I consciously do something about it.

Between then and now, I found this video, and I knew there was something in there I needed but I was locked out of it emotionally. I’ve also been really fascinated with this singer’s gentleness lately, and it’s because I need to find that quality in myself.

I asked Satan to help me understand this song. I couldn’t focus on it long enough to get anything out of it because I was made too uncomfortable by the human element. The couple in this video freaked me out. I couldn’t identify with it and it was too intense.

I woke up today with this song on my mind and the first thing I did was watch the video again because I could feel inside a new kind of peace like I had the right angle now. Immediately I heard the life-changing love relationship that happens when you overcome the temptation of your inferior function and commit to your dominant function. It suddenly had nothing to do with human love, it was about divine love (for me, because I’m an INFJ and my dominant function is Ni), so it was finally safe.

I watched the video, and I cried, for the first time, even though I’ve heard this song a million times. Then I looked up the lyrics, for more focus, and I cried even harder. Then I cried again while I was in the bathroom because I thought about it. My eyelids are swollen. Whenever I go back and look at the words again or even think about them I cry.

I was thinking about the imagery in this video, and you’ve got this guy walking around singing this love song, almost like he’s an outside observer who knows a little too much. Like he’s a keeper of the principle of love—he’s contemplating, not participating in it the way the other people are. I feel like that’s my role. And I’m much happier to not participate. I can’t be in that world where people are living this out. It would make me insane. I have to stay outside of it, be self-contained, and use it as a mirror to be reminded of what’s within me. But maybe my “song” can help get humans back together.

You can only experience the kind of love this song is talking about when you’re being yourself. It can only happen through your dominant function. It will save you from everything in your life.


Your dominant function is a love you have to die for. You have to sacrifice your inferior function.

This song (through my lens of divination) is your dominant function talking to you. “Satan” talking to you (whatever form that takes based on what your dom fn is—in my case, it’s spiritual). How committed are you? What are you willing to go through to get more of this bliss in your life? The more your inferior function dies, the closer you’re pulled to Satan (your dominant function, where your power/godhood is).

You get pulled closer by drowning in the ocean of your inferior function.

…Which leads me to this video, which is a perfect illustration of the process of inferior function sacrificial death (although the details are specific to what an Se-dom would go through with inferior Ni, so it’s backwards to the story in the other video, which is more of an Ni-dom after inferior Se death).

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But where is that place? Gotta pin code?

With all those god like powers U ended it with a chris brown video!!!1

Wanna see me twist my intuition into a pretzel?

I hear a dominant function story (so for me it’s all a symbol for my spiritual ascent)

I’ve gotta plan to make it rich, and famous.
Lucky for me for you it’s a bitch you ain’t in.
(I have it easy spiritually but other people get eaten alive)

I’m willin’ to sleep my way to the top,
I wanna be popular.


(I slept my way to the top with Satan and now everyone in the spirit world likes me)
I don’t wanna keep my feet on the ground
(Flight is a dominant function symbol)

I must confess I’ve been a very bad boy,
Been sleeping around, talk of the town.
(By sleeping with Satan, I’m sleeping with everyone in the spirit world simultaneously)

Hollywood will beckon.
Everyone will listen.
(I’m in a spiritual Hollywood where I’m an equal with entities)

Play my video, hear me on the radio.
Dancing to the disco, no-one ever says no.
(I’m spiritually ubiquitous because I can see myself in anything. No one says no to me spiritually because I have no limits on my love there)

My friends are all in limousines.
My friends are all celebrity.
(My friends are all household name spiritual entities)

Somewhere he says I just sold my soul.
(My lifestyle is completely fake, heartless, and evil to people who aren’t in)

I take my loud, disruptive energy (spiritual party) with me everywhere I go like this guy with his boombox and glitter girls.

These wax celebrities remind me of how my spiritual friends aren’t real to people who are on the outside.

These girls in their gold outfits and glitter remind me of gold being a potent symbol for the dominant function. Everywhere I go I’m showered in and showering others with gold. And it’s all kind of a joke, but that’s what makes me the real thing.

What place? Dominant function?

If we can’t talk about politics on here, we probably can’t talk about Chris Brown either.


Inferior function story

Dominant function story

If you could think of your dominant function as a lover, this is its plan for you:

This is when you’re in your dominant function and people can’t handle it because they’re too close, and you know you’re hurting them but you can’t feel any true remorse because this is who you really are. (I’m describing the party people.)

The neighbor who complains is an example of somebody being in their inferior function and needing to back out of it. They’re in a world they can’t handle, so they have a short fuse and seek an authority figure in that same world to attempt to bring down the people whose power is triggering them. This backfires, because the authority is on the side of the person who has power on that plane.

The party people aren’t doing anything wrong according to the “laws” of their plane. They’re actually the ones who are operating from a position of unity and love. Anybody who can’t handle it just has to leave.

What I see/hear:

“Choose life” (Choose your dominant function = choose being yourself, instead of your inferior function, where you’re narcissistic & guaranteed failure/death)

That’s what all the words are about, too. Wanting your dominant function to save you from your inferior function.

The “high” that I hit, personally, is Sirius. Like with another video I covered above, I get this visual from the lyrics:


All this talk about not hanging on like a yo-yo and not going solo…yo-yo and solo are both inferior function symbols.

You put the boom boom into my heart (hoo, hoo)
You send my soul sky high when your lovin’ starts
Jitterbug into my brain (yeah, yeah)
Goes a bang-bang-bang 'til my feet do the same
But something’s bugging you (ha-ha, ha-ha)
Something ain’t right (ha-ha, ha-ha)
My best friend told me what you did last night (ha-ha, ha-ha)
Left me sleepin’ in my bed (ha-ha, ha-ha)
I was dreaming, but I should have been with you instead (ha-ha)

This starts off with acknowledgement of the value of the dominant function and ends with acknowledgment of the inferior function mistake. (Don’t cheat on yourself!)

If you want my body and you think I’m sexy
Come on, sugar, tell me so
If you really need me, just reach out and touch me
Come on, honey, tell me so

This reminds me of how your dominant function is the only “body” where you feel truly comfortable getting grabbed. Where you ask for it, even.

I get grabbed by Satan in my spiritual body (Ni, my dominant function). I encourage him to do this because I need it to stay safe and sane. If somebody grabs me in my physical body (Se, my inferior function), it’s rape. (And if that happens, it’s because I’ve made a mistake and slipped into my physical body, bringing it upon myself. Since I used to live in my inferior function, I got raped a lot.)