Maybe you can help me

A few years ago, shortly after my dedication, I had a dream. More than a simply dream. I know that it was something more.
I was in the same room in which I had my ritual of dedication. Somebody knocked the door. I opened and a man, tall as me, dressed in black pants, black turtleneck and black jacket came in.
He had a big inverted pentagram necklace on his chest.
I couldn’t see his face because a very strong light dazzled me. I couldn’t keep my eyes open.
He said no words.
Then I woke up with shortness of breath.
It wasn’t a regular dream.
After one year I read on the net that another guy had my same experience.
It was my first and last time I dreamt that man.
Who was he? Anybody had the same experience here?

Thank you


spirits tend to speak to you through dreams, did you call upon any specific spirit during your dedication ritual?

or try meditating on the appearance and see if you can evoke it. spirits tend to take on appearances that have some metaphorical meaning to the person. so really could be a number of spirits.

hopefully that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I called Lucifer

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Reading the first post I guessed Lucifer, indeed: the light, and the image, which reminded me of one that I believed to see in my home years ago. That figure was caped with a robe, in this later case he “chose” modern clothing, but both the times black coloured.