Maybe someone know this?

I was worked with Prince Vassago some times ago. I mostly have questions for him about Tarot and other not super hard and important things.
But I don’t have father since I was born, i ask him about “Who is this?”, he answered only “King Paimon”. I probably don’t understand anything and was too weak and inexperienced to work with Paimon / Azazel, I’m sure.
But I did an evocation of King Paimon, and he completely materialized in the temple.
It was the first demon I could hear and see.
He told me a lot and did a lot (compared to what I did before), but I understand that it’s not enough and I don’t understand what Prince Vassago meant.
I’m pretty sure I’m too weak, too inexperienced, and not too smart to perform such an evocation.
I’m not at all scared of the possible threat from this demon, because my life hasn’t been too good before lol
Can someone help me figure this out? (Perhaps you have encountered similar things).

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About your question, someone with experience will answer ^^