Maybe some advice..?

I wasn’t sure what to put this under so I just put it under general discussion. So as of lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve been being watched, when I’m by myself I feel this overpowering feeling that something is towering over me. Most of the time it just seems chill even now I can feel it standing behind me, it really bothered me when it first started happening but now I’ll just openly talk to it. However I feel like it’s been getting a bit aggressive towards me. I’m usually chill, but I’ve been feeling an overwhelming feeling of paranoia and fear, and if I’m around other people I feel like I’m going to start panicking, which doesn’t make sense to me, because I usually enjoy being around other people. I can see multiple eyes following my being, and dark figures surrounding me in my minds eye (if that makes sense). I love the unknown, but this is something that’s pushing my limits. I don’t know what to do. Maybe it’s more of a mental thing than a supernatural thing but I can’t really tell anymore.

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Have you tried banishing? I would start there.


I guess there isn’t much wrong with it, I’m just not that comfortable with it yet so it’s kinda throwing me off

What about trying to know this “thing” do you have any divination tool ? Or try meditation… I had this kind of experience before knowing a special entity was just trying to get my attention
(Also I love your profil pic)

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(Thank you :D) and I honestly haven’t thought about that, I do have tarot and pendulums i could use to interact with them some more

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