May I summon King Paimon to aid me through healing past traumas?

I always wanted to contact King Paimon in a formal manner but was concerned about wasting his time. His specialty may not be something like this, but for some reason I’m still drawn to contact him only. Any thoughts on this or people’s experience with King Paimon with healing past traumas? Or any experience really.

This forum is full of people’s experiences with King Paimon.

However, the king’s field of expertise lies in teaching the arts and sciences, and subjugation of the will. He doesn’t really do healing, at least not to my knowledge.

@Lux_Tenebris might know betetr.


If it were generalized healing, I would say no, but when it comes specifically to past trauma, I would say yes go ahead and ask him. Don’t worry about wasting his time, if he isn’t interested in helping with your request for whatever reason, he is not subtle about it. There were a couple times I considered asking him for something, and lets just say I decided not to after some disturbing dreams.

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Go ahead, while He may not be generally known for healing, He is actually great at helping you overcome emotional traumas. It’s about changing your mindset when confronting the past, healing emotional wounds by learning to understand your emotions, the role the perpetrator(s) played and your role in life, how and why your past can influence your present, etc. It’s actually much more mind-oriented even though emotions are at play. But as I mentioned, it’s about understanding and mastering your emotions (at least somewhat), so that’s very much King Paimon‘s forte.


King paimon atleast with psychological issues is very good. Along with psychic awakening. He opened my third eye which has been very useful in the long turn.


I think he can help you. Do summon him and ask him for advice and how he can help. When it comes to emotion, sometimes King Paimon is much better than many known spirits in that space.

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Go with Marbas
King paimon led me to him for healing of all kinds

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Stolas can also help with healing past traumas. I’m working with him now on doing just that.

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