May i highlight something to the forum members

That’s kind of weird bro.


Where’s the kid who wanted to blow up his house when you need 'em?


Almost did lol - and the people in it. I used to put insects down my underpants coz I liked the feel of the tickling on my scrotum. Truly…! There I would be sat on the bus to all boys school with my mates around 14 or 15, insects down my pants fag in hand, and witchcraft book in my bag. Hmm I wonder what this means. Crane flies if your interested but you would know them as daddy long legs. Now who’s weird…?


In many cases if you do not have hair or nail clippings I am sure a picture of the person will be fine. Some of the people I would like to do bainful curses on are people that live far away from me and abused me years ago. All I can do is get a picture off facebook.

Which leads me to a question. If the person I want to do a curse on is someone who’s real name I don’t know, will the username that person has on youtube do just as well if I can print off a snapshot of that?

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They are connected to that because they chose it to represent them.

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Its Hoodoo or Voudon basically, not that weird. What most dont realize is this can be used in helpful ways as well.
Its not just Baneful.
Also as Purple posted, it was almost a norm in the middle ages with some still keeping the tradition.

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Is this a temple for someone’s exes? :grin:
Let past be past.
“Kill it if you have to.”-wise words from Kylo Ren :wink:

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I know. I’m just busting his balls a little. I almost called him a dirty hoarder.

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Such an archive is beyond to be practical but yet a good idea. But still, we have options.

I do not discuss whether you should do something regarding your ex, but all magick is not bound to “love magick” hence even being separated eternally and without a slightest wish to have her/him back you or he/she may need yet your magick.

Even in the absence of any sample of your ex, ( at least there may be some photos but even you may not find them when you need them ) still you have a very good witness sample; and these are your memories. Just being concentrated on them you may and remembering some moments you may have “the sample” you need.

I would only collect something like that if I intended to curse the person. I find collecting that sort of thing out of love to be really creepy.

And if I had a partner who was a magician and was collecting that sort of thing from me, I’d take it as a declaration of war.