May have been cursed

This is probably an overreaction but I think someone cursed me. Lately my luck has deteriorated down to nothing and it seems everything that can go wrong does. People are slowly just drowning me out of their lives, no-one is answering me and I’m surrounded by loneliness and question. I just want to know what’s happening


@Lollipop_faguette have you had a reading to see if it a curse?

No, I’m not too familiar with what a reading is

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Could be a Tarot reading, maybe Runes or Lenormand cards.

I have not, how can I do a reading? Or do I need someone else to do it

The better is to look for someone qualified near you. Don’t you know any readers?

No… Idk how much longer I can handle this shit.

I’m good at curses! Mostly putting curses on people! You could just have bad luck. Someone might be mad at you and is thinking badly of you and his or her negative energy is effecting your current state without them even noticing. Or you most have done something to have bad luck. But if someone did curse you get sea salt and bath your self in warm water, relax, take deep breathes and let the negative energy roll off your back. Also you could have received an item recently that has bad energy from a previous person.

For example my upstairs neighbor got kicked out because of poor apartment management. And they had free stuff so my mom got a revolving chair(that was in an okay condition)but I told her not to get it because you don’t know what that chair has gone through. And I am not talking farts. She said to everything will be fine. It was not fine! The chair brought in bedbugs. And then her clothes got bed bugs. I also got something form my neighbors apartment and then my good luck started to fade away fats. My mom lost her job and she got kicked out of my Aunts house and then moved in with me which was the last thing I wanted. And then my life went to hell. My landlord told me either she has to go or we both have to go. My mom made decision and we moved out in a months without any real plan and I ended up losing most of my stuff. Just like my upstairs neighbors. I threw away the item I got from upstairs. It was a glasses case with a motorcycle on it. It brought me a lot of bad luck! Throw it away or cleanse. My mom eventually threw away the chair but there was so much damage and it took so long to fix half of it.

Look up how to cleanse an item if you think that could be it. If someone did curse you and you want to know who did it take a jewelry and but a tracking spell on it. I made one before it was for a necklace every time I wore it my neck broke out in a rash and used that to put a burn mark around the person who was trying to hurt me. And then randomly on FB I found a girl who I used to know who added a recent picture and she had a burn black ring around her neck. It looked like a black burn mark like a really bad rash. I didn’t tell anyone what I did so only I knew. And a few people started getting a rash on their necks! I only wore the necklace at night, took it off by day and wash it and hid it. It was really itchy but I found out who it was and how they were connected to me. So…I put a curse on them! She didn’t like me but I don’t remember so much and was friends with a family member so she knew what was going on in my life and she kept messing with it getting into my personal business pretending to be a friend.

Also you can take the negative energy out of the item and stick it on to something else! But that is if you really don’t want to get rid of whatever is cursing or giving you bad luck.

I’m sorry for the long story.


Send over a PM we can “return to sender” if you’d like

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I think I got it under control, just some soppy luck. Thank you though

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The longer the more informative, I got rid of some items that may have bad history and surprisingly it helped. Theres still some shit but I think I can take care of it


Well that’s good to hear! :smiley: Sea Salt purifies bad auras so find a way to take advantage of it! Also damn that was a long reply I wrote. :open_mouth:


Its more likely that the energy your working with is removing the distractions from your path. So you can focus on your transformational period. So use this time to focus on what you set out to do. Call upon your higher powers funnel there energy into yourself and start the process.