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Stellar interview by the Glitch Bottle, touches so many subjects. I don’t agree with everything but the Q&A is rather good.

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Interesting alternative UPG story from Sitchin’s

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Thank you for sharing this.

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I think this is about 80 percent as far away from being ascended as you can get.



Damn. I’ve always wanted to grow my own food but I thought you needed tons of land. Is that not the case? I apologize if you don’t want questions :sweat_smile:

You don’t have to go all or nothing: can grow some food in pots right on your balcony or back porch or a windowsill :slight_smile:

It’s called “container gardening” and you can get a lot of different books with how tos. The main thing is to get them enough sun, water and feed them every couple of weeks.

It’s really good for getting fresh herbs, lettuce, spinach and other things that you might buy… and then they wilt in the fridge before you can use them, which is super annoying and wastes money. But if they’re growing on your deck, you can go get just the leaves you want and the rest keeps growing.


You seem to be pretty knowledgeable on nutrition and nature, I bet you’re healthy as hell :slight_smile:

Not too bad, there’s room for improvement. I have a DNA age that’s 5 years younger than my chronological age and I think I can do better than that with fasting and such.

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Hmn, maybe science it catching up after all. Can’t wait to read this:

Using intention to change your gene expression… this is a reference book in universities apparently :thinking:

And use of muscle testing aka kineseology, which is how pendulums work,to test whether a food is good for you to eat, before you eat it. At about 3 minutes in…

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Woooah that’s so cool!! That’s something I didn’t expect to see for years dang! I assume it’s not being widely applied but being put in the scientific literature is incredibly important I think!

Damn. Almost like the things we’ve been doing naturally for generations have some sort of efficacy or something🤔

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I know right? :slight_smile:

Magick has always been real, and science (not the religion of Science) is catching up on why.

It’s all about being an energetic being in a bioekectric bodysuit, which is fully capable of acting on external energy through intention.


Brilliant exposition from Glitch Bottle of why qliphotic magick and working with “demons” isn’t dark, isn’t “a sin” and is the domain of wise men and holy men… done through the power of “god”, being the god within, the inner self.

Are demons really evil? Is magic all about Devil-sanctioned rites to lose your soul? Both are wrong assumptions. This video explores Biblical, Greek and scholarly evidence that suggests demons are to be embraced and explored, and how modern religion’s stance on demons is unfounded.

The non polarising views of pre xtian religions, before the churches corrupted religion and outlawed magick to gain control, and where magick originally developed:


Wonderful post, especially liked the image you added at the end which clarifies the non-polarised view. I also like what you said about it coming from the power of wisdom gained through experience, the god within.

I was just thinking about polarity in religions and how believing in a “good” and “evil” side automatically sets up distinct societal divides which lead to differentiations in culture. I think polarity ensures there will always be some sort of friction and automatically hides knowledge from the public if that knowledge was deemed to have come from an “evil source”. And then youd end up spending about 5 years or so trying to open the mind of a conservative religious folk, just kidding. It’s like an automatic filtering system I suppose?

How do we get people to not look at this! Label it as evillll muahaha. More than label, dress up the entire “culture of knowledge” as evil. Then culture will not be revealed.

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Wow… That’s something to put fire under my arse.

10-30 years.

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Excellent article on scients meets energy working, a blend that is taken ver seriously in China, and I stand corrected on things I’ve said on thisin the part.

It’s not the case that “science has to catch up”… western science has to catch up.

I have this book and didn’t read it yet. I’ll get there.

But right now, night now, I’m working through getting a solid start on the year long pathworking by Vermilion in the book “Zakael The Stargate of Kryst”. Also, learning controlled remote viewing which needs way more practice than I’m getting in.


Super interesting connections being drawn in this between the Celtic Druids and Tartarians.

Was the Bible stolen from the Tartarians/ “Church of Iesa”/ the builders of these magnificent sacred geometrical churches?
This old church was not one of worship and idolatry, but a philosophical system that was based upon ancient wisdom and the higher arts of magic.
If this is the case, then is magic truly evil?


Geomagnetic activity new research: