Maturity & magickal Authority

Bardon often writes about maturity and magical authority. But how to gain it and was defines it.
According to Bardon more spirits answer willing to work with you when you got magical authority.

Walter Ogris who makes magical Amuletts told me shortly:

Authority: to bind with - knowledge, ability, personal maturity & experience = Magick.

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In my experience, magical authority is comprised out of a few things.

The first would be, what power do you wield in this moment? For example- if petty parasites plague you, do you kill them yourself or call for aid in doing so? What about bigger parasites? Greater spirits? How much control can you exert within your sphere of influence? How strong can you manifest your presence to spirits around?

The second would be, reputation. This ties in with the first aspect. What weight does your magickal name carry in this and other realms?

The third in your allies. Who do you consort with? In what manner? Spirits can see the connections you have with other spirits. If you do not have a reputation, they might judge you off of this factor.

The last, maturity. Does emotion control your action, or does pragmatism? Spirits are machiavellian in action and thought, and as such will respond to those with similar traits. Are you naive and idealistic? Are you arrogant and foolish? Are you calm and composed? How you act and have acted says more about you than anything you simply say to an entity.

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